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Have you heard of ENJO? The body range is excellent for skin issues like pimples and ezcema. the fibres in the glove help to reome and heal the skin that is infected.

Ann, NSW, baby boy

hi tamieka, my sons first breakout lasted a month & nothing seemed to work but we switched doctors & got sigmacort or dermaide over the counter to clear up the rash & soothe it & back then he use to have progan or padamin elixer to stop the itch but now he has phenergan elixer (not for under 2 yrs) & it works in a matter of hours & when he has it we use sorbelene soap.

he is allergic to wool, penicillan, mosqitoes, some fishfingers, cadbury chocolate & anything peanut based.

it took us a month to figure out that his first breakout was the tiniest piece of a freddo frog (his first chocolate) & then about 8 mths to realise that it was only cadbury.

good luck to all of you with this problem.

Tanya, had 3 boys under 26 months

Hi everyone,

Since I put my last post on this subject my 20 month old has developed excema around her shoulders and elbows and knees. It was spreading to her stomach also. I used the Dermaveen excema cream and the dermaveen soap free wash for her baths. I also changed from using lux on her laundry to omo sensitive and it has practically cleared up. I still use them all to avoid a repeat of the problem. I hope this gets to you long after you have solved the problem with your little girl.
Take Care

Fiona, NSW

Hi, my 4 month old son Ethan does not suffer from ezcema but my 3 year old daughter does. When she was younger we had to shave her hair to keep it under control we tried everything from prescription creams to medication and nothing seemed to work. Until a good friend told me about a cream which you get over the counter at any chemist called "medi honey". Its all natural and within the first week we noticed a complete change. She now only suffers from it in the heat but it is very minimum and easy to control. The only thing I suggest is try not to use alot of it on really hot days only of a night time as your little one will end up with ants all over her like our girl.
Good Luck
Hi Tamieka, all my boys have really bad ezcema, but i have found medihoney or chickweed gel(natropath - soothes and cools inflamed skin) to work great. My 23mth old has just been allergy tested, so if it persists in being inflamed see your doctor - she may need antibiotics or cortisone creams to lend a hand. I can also recomment all QV products, don't use any soap products on her skin and mosterise twice a day if you can using qv cream or sorbalene. good luck


Please go to your DR and get a referal to an allergy specialist, my son has really bad eczema which has been liknked to him eating tomatoes, the allergy tests can confirm what may be causing the eczema, It is worth a shot.

Cristie, SA, boy 18/04/01, girl 22/05/03

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