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Last night we headed to the emergency dept. when my boy's breathing was really bad and had a cough like a seal or a dog!

he had some steroid based medication and then he was fine after an hour or two.

Has anyone had this experience - and did they get croup again? and how long did it last for for you?

Jo, SA, Dylan born Dec 05

Yes my little boy had croup at about 8-10 months old. (He was really bad.) I slept with him on my chest all that night just to make sure he was alright. He has never gotten it again and he's now 4yo. I borrowed a vaporiser for that night and for a month afterwards. It helps keep the air moist in the room and thier throats clear. Hope this helps you out...


my son had croup about a month ago (he was four months old) it was one of the scariest experiences of my life!!!

it took him around four days to get over it....although he still hasn't really gotten over the cold that bought it on sad
hi there,

my son had croup a week ago hes 4 n half mnths old, i came online here to the forums to see if anything could help!
i went to the doctors and they gave him a dose of steroids it was so scary the first nite i got up every hour to check on him then the second nite he was worse so i slept with him in our spare room.
the croup lasted for a week he couldnt seem to get rid of it but hes still very muffly.

hayley - mum to leithan and ruby

My son suffered from croup I was a single mum and he was only a few months old. I knew what it was Imust have read about it. He was not blue so I rushed him to the hospital my self. Aparently it was not the right seans for it but the air con at the hospital helped improve him so he did not need treatment.
I was a bit of a confident mum after that evey other year I think it was he got it I was told you grow out of it by 4-5 years So I would just take him into the bathroom and steam it up it would clear up quickly. I thought we were over it when he was about 5 but it was the worst case and as he was older he was panicing which does not help I tried all the usual things I do steam room out side air I used a nebulizer and a vapouriser but it was not going It was an hour later I was about to call an ambulance as he could not lay down as he could not breath then it eased. An hour later he was sound asleep he never had a problem since.

Karen & Steph Brisbane

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