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Nappy Rash Lock Rss

Okay guys, now I know this topic has been gone over and over, but all the remedies for nappy rash just don't seem to work for my poor babies bottom!! He has had a bad nappy rash since he was a month old. I have tried everything castor oil and zinc, sigmacort, canasten and many other things. His rash is so bad that it bleeds and he looks like he has chunks taken out of his bottom. I have gone to the doctors and all they gave me was the sigmacort and canasten. It seems that every new product I try it gets better but its back within 2 days and then that new product won't work anymore. Its like he becomes immune to it. Can I have some help from anyone that has been through the same sort of thing.

Erica, mum of 1 yr old Branson, NSW

I haven't had much experience with nappy rash, but have heard Paw Paw cream is excellent for it and it's a natural product. Have you tried this at all?

Louise, Brisbane Qld. Mum to Ella and Luca

Hi Erica,

My only advice would be to stop using wipes, if you are!! My son had a red bottom permanently for weeks after he was born. I stopped using wipes and now use cotton wool and water, and no more red bum! I never use any creams now, and for 3mths he has been nappy rash free! smile

With my daughter i always used curash powder, some people find it too drying but it was great for us! Have you tried any powders yet??

Best of luck,

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

If none of these above suggestions work, could it be thrush? The reason I ask is that I went to my doctor today about nipple thrush, he happened to ask if my baby had nappy rash. Fortunately she doesn't, but he did explain that persistent nappy rash that doesn't respond to any topical treatments can in fact be thrush, and in which case may need to be treated in a different way all together.

Good luck! smile

Mel in NSW & beaut 3mth old baby

Hi Erica,

I agree that you should stop using wipes and all those creams can't be good either. Stop using them all. Wash your baby's bottom with water and you could try a little sorbolene cream also, if skin is drying.

On broken skin you can use Natural pure aloe vera gel. It has excellent healing properties and is cooling and soothing. ( you can get it at the chemist)

The other most important thing is give baby's bottom some AIR time. Leave the nappy off for half an hour, put baby on a towel or something to catch his wee should he do it. Do this every day if you can.

The other thing I was told was if you use disposable nappies all the time and have this problem, then try using cloth nappies.... however do not use plastic pants over them at any cost!!!

I hope this helps you. If all else fails go to your local pharmacy, sometimes they are more helpful than the GP.

Goodluck, hope your baby's bottom improves soon.
Maddys Mum smile
Hi Erica,

I found the other thing that works on my sons nappy rash. Is Curash powder & Curash wipes.
The other suggestion to me was cornflour as it keeps it dry not moist..

Good luck..

Michelle, mum to Corey 14/3/03 - Bankstown

Hi Erica and Michelle,

I definitely agree with your comments about giving some "air time" to your baby's bottom, this can work wonders. However, my doctor and baby health nurse have said DO NOT use cloth nappies. It is a medically proven fact that keeping your baby's bottom dry is critical in preventing nappy rash. This is exactly what cloth nappies are useless at doing because they stay wet next to the baby's skin. Huggies somehow draw the moisture away from your precious baby's skin allowing it to stay dry.

I agree with your comments about the pharmacist, they can be extremely helpful and are familiar with more products.

I hope your dilemma is short lived.


Hi to everyone that replied,
Thanks for the information given. I will give a little more information as to what I have done with his rash. I used cloth nappies until he was 10 months old and use washer with warm water no wipes. I havn't tried Paw Paw cream yet it is the next thing on my list to have a go with. If I stop using creams all together his bottom just gets worse so I do need, with him to at least have a barrier cream on him. Your hints have been most helpful guys, thankyou so much for your input, lets just cross our fingers that it gets better, because its really driving him and I nuts.

Erica, mum of 1 yr old Branson, NSW

Sorry I forgot to tell you all that Branson is now a year old. This may explain why I have tried so many different things. Thanks again everyone

Erica, mum of 1 yr old Branson, NSW

Hi Erica, I use curash powder every nappy change, I think this helps prevent it. I also give baby 10 to 15 minutes a day after his bath of nappy free time. My mum made a plastic backed flannelette sheet so there are no accidents on the carpet.

Danielle, 28, Vic, 1st son born 2/6/03

I wanted to add to you that if your GP can't help with the skin condition of your baby Branson's bottom, maybe you should consider seeing a dermatoligist. I am 28 years old and I have nappy rash scars from when I was a baby. My mum was told that I had a very strong urine... unfortunatley I don't know anymore than that, my mum died when I was 14 so I can't ask her about it. All I know is that severe nappy rash can scar. I was also a 9 week premmie baby. I don't know if there is any connection?? I genuinely hope your little boys bottom clears up soon. And try to stick to natural products instead of drugs if you can. One last thought, could his rash be diet related? or an allergy ect. Have you evaluated every area? Just trying to be helpful... Michelle
Hi Erica... I sugest Sudocrem or cornflour. My sister recommended them to me and the Sudocrem has worked a treat!!
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