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Hello all
My nearly 10mth old has conjunctivitis i would love to hear more about it ,im putting a little chamoile tea on it.Not sure if i should go to GP and get drops! Love to hear some feedback.

angela vic 4mth baby

I dont know a real lot about it but breast milk is suppose to be the best, if that is not a option my doctor had suggested what you are doing (camoline tea)
Hope ive helped, maybe you could ask what the chemist thinks next time your down the street as i know how expensive doctor visits can be but in saying that your bubs health is much more important than money so if its a major concern and nothing is working i would go and see your doctor.
Sherrie and baby Maddisyn 09/09/04
hi, my baby had conjunctivitis as well, went to the Drs got some eye drops and it cleared up very fast. i got the drops because nothing else helped.
If you do want drops the chemist can't help without a prescription! I don't understand why because it's clearly obvious when a child has conjunctivitis, but we had to pay the $35 for a piece of paper to tell the pharmacist to give us the cream that he recommended the doctor prescribe. Go figure!!

Dette, DS 06.03, DS 10.04, DD 03.06 & Due Sept 07!

When my daughter was a couple of months old the chemist gave me some drops over the counter for hers although they werent too keen on it they had suggested breastmilk until i told them it wasnt a option, i cant remember the name of it but was some kind of adult eye drops and you had to use alot less than the adult dose, i agree it seems really ridiculous that we have to make a doctors appointment, get there on time only to have to wait 45 minutes as doctors always running late, spend $30-$40 just to get a piece of paper to go to the chemist and then sometimes what is prescribed doesnt even work, and my doc ended up suggesting camoline tea anyway.
I hope some of these suggestions have helped, you will have to let us all know how your going with it and what eventually ended up working.
Sherrie and baby Maddisyn 09/09/04
My little girl hd conjunctivtus since about a week old. Everyone kept saying its just a sticky eye, use boiled water and it will clear up... never did. At 2 months old i took her to drs who did a eye swab and it turned out to be bacterial conjunctivitus. She perscribed antibiotic drops which didnt clear it and now at 3.5 months she is on a different antibiotic drop that has cleared it thank god. It wouldnt have cleared up if i didnt take her to the drs...worth going

Dawn,WA ,Chloe 3.5, Danielle born 17th dec 2004

I used to get it alot when I was a baby from living out in the sticks. Mum just used to put wam salty water on my eye. Always cleared it up after a fwe days. Should try that alot cheaper than all the doctors and chemist etc.

mum to bayden 25/02/05

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