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soy milk for bubs Lock Rss

Hi everyone
Just wondering if there's anyone out there who could help. My baby's 6 1/2 months old and like me has sensitive skin. I have psorisis and she looks like getting either psorisis or excema. A friend suggested taking her off all dairy products and giving her soy milk. Has anyone else tried this with any success. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Lisa, SA, baby girl (4.5.03)

Hi kookymom. My nephew has many medical problems so my sister in law is right up on these sort of things. I was going to change my baby from cows to goat or soy and she gave me information about soy. She said that there have been recent studies in soy that shows it is NOT suitable for babies as it is too high in the natural form of female hormones. She strongly suggested goats over soy due to this. I swapped him straight onto goats milk without any problems. I did this due to him always having colds, running nose and ear problems. It is really up to you what you decide but I thought I would mention this to you. The other thing I was thinking have you thought of taking your bub to a naturopath or a herbalist? I have friends who have done this with great results. Our bubs have a lot of food allergies that we dont know about and as you said your bub does already have sensitive skin. I couldnt use Johnson and Johnson baby products on my son as it would dry his skin out and give him a rash. Good luck with what ever you decide.
Hi my daughter has been on Infasoy formula since she was three months old,she is 11mths now. since we started giving her small amounts of dairy products such as cheese, butter and yogourt we have noticed small patches of eczma on her arms and chests. I think it could be related.

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

Hi calebsmum, which goats milk formula do you use? My little boy has just been diagnosed with eczema and we've been advised to switch him over from S26 to a combination of goats milk and soy formula (the gp was reluctant to advice using only soy) to find out if he has milk allergy. He also prescribed some probiotic supplements as well. Were your friends bubs 5 mths or thereabouts? I don't have much experience with naturopathy and am wondering if it's safe to give my son the supplements at this age.

Kaz, VIC, mum to two

I actually stumbled across your posts whilst searching the internet trying to cure my own psorisis! Psorisis and eczema are closely related and I would luv to share with you the results of my extensive research. Diet effects both Exzema and Psorisis, and great results have been shown by reducing diary intake in children with eczema. I would strongly advise anyone to STAY AWAY from steriod based creams and cortisone, the way they work is just insane, they actually stop your immune system from doing it's job. I have just this week started using a cream called Medihoney and things are definately improving, I have heard of several women swearing by it for treatment on their children with eczema, and one of those ladies is a pharmasist! it's is a hypoallergenic cream which contains antibacterial honey, aloe vera and chamomile. Another product which may be hard to find, is dead sea salt, I have read that this has amazing effects when bathed in. there are also a range of homeopathic minerals specifically designed to treat psorisis and eczema, I would definately take this option before opting to use cortisone creams! Anyway I hope this helps with your kids.

Kookymum.. you mentioned you suffer from psorisis? so do I.. I have had it now only on my elbows for about 8 years, I like many others I presume, have been prescribed zillions of different cortisone/steriod based creams which have had little to no effect. I recently started to get spots on my legs and thought this is enough.. and have done some extensive research and am well on the way to curing my own psorisis! Whilst still early in the game - here is some insighfull information which you may already know, but if not may help you to cure your own psorisis. Psorisis is a condition causes by the immune system and nervous system, if you treat both those things in a natural way you're guaranteed results. I have begun a very healthy diet and am taking homeopathic treatment called Engystol to boost my immune system. I have also stopped using my cortison cream and have started using Medihoney which is showing improvement. Another recommedation is to take a herbal antidepresant which lets face it, we could all use having kids! I am using Hyperifort which is made by blackmores. There are still other things I would like to implement but am still sourcing information. this is a great place to start though!
Hi, I'd just like to reccomend the Karicare Goats Milk formula. I find it great. I use normal goats milk in my sons cooking too. Apparently goats milk is the closest to human milk or somwthing like that. I have three friends who have raised their kids on it right from the start and swear by it. As for naturopathic remedies and herbal remedies, I have used both safely with my son since three months of age. I prefer to explore the natural options before going to prescriptions. I was given a great book called ' Healing Your Child The Natural Way' by Amanda Cochrane. I have found it invaluable.
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