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Little seizures? Lock Rss

I was just wondering if there is anyone who has similar experiences. My 3 month son has episodes of what looks like mini/petit seizures. His hands and arms raise above his head, his eyes shudder from side to side or roll backwards, and his body stiffens. They don't last very long, not even a minute. I have been told by my midwife, plunket nurse and doctor to keep records of the incidences to see if there is any patterns forming. However they also say that babies do strange things. The one thing I have noticed is that they begin when he is being laid down. However not regularly. It may happen once a week to two-three times a day, or may not even happen over two weeks. Sometimes when I can see it beginning I try to talk to him and it looks like he is trying to fight it. Its just that it looks very frightning. If anyone has any comments it would be most appreciated.


Hi. I have absolutely no experience with babies who have seizures, however.... my baby has had very unresolved complications with reflux. All I can say to you is that if you think it isn't right what your baby is doing then keep persisting with the doctors until they listen to you. If YOU think something is wrong you are probably right. You just have to convince them. It's very easy for a doctor to say gee that sounds unusual, but all babies do wierd things. I know if I had a dollar for every time I have heard that I would be rich. And just to prove my point, I finally found a doctor who listened to me and carefully observed my baby and yes, she does have the problems that I tried so hard for so long to make them see. Thankfully she is getting treatment now. Good Luck

Janette, NSW

Thanks Janette, I will keep trying with the doctors, and I am happy your baby is getting treatment.


Luana - If you're still out there, did anything get sorted out?
hi Waiorere,
my son had these lil seisures they were scary to say thee least but @ 4mths or so grew out of them.

he had an eeg which ruled out epilepsy.
he is under a paed which he sees for a number of things, but the paed says this is not uncommon.

but if u have any wories see ur doc..


nikki, 8yo girl, 2 1/2 y/o boy & preg with no.3

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