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Ear infections - ongoing Lock Rss

My little man, Luke who is 9 and half months old has had an ear infections for 3 weeks. 1st week no medication, 2nd week antibotics and 3rd week a different antibotic. He has not responded to medications. Any suggestions? I have been giving him Nurofen every night and this difinately helps but I am concerned about this too. My doctor says give him 3rd antibotic. I am not keen too.

What to do now?

Bec, Hobart, Luke 3 / Charlie 11wks (16/4/06)

Hi Luke's_mum, I know what you are going through as my son had the same problem. Our baby ended up with oral thrush from the antibiotics and the last time after being on them for 20 days developed the worse rash you have ever seen. We even took him to a ears nose and throat specialist and they suggested grommets and to remove his adenoids. We didnt go ahead with it but that was an option. As babies ears and the canals are so small this is such a common problem. We found demazin was very helpful as it helps the congestion accompanying glue ear. I am not too sure if your little one is too young for this but there is a baby one and your chemist would be able to help. You can give nurofen and panadol together just wait about 1/2 an hour between the two. We took our son to a chiropractor which did seem to help. I have heard of some people getting a allergy test done on bub to see if it is food related. There is a pretty good post (very long) re ear infections in the toddlers section under feeding. It goes for 2 pages but the lady that started it has had a lot of success with a chinese herbalist and another ladies baby had grommets. It really is quite interesting reading. If your bub is in day care then that too will increase his chances of getting ear problems. We were advised to avoid going to mountain places where there is a change in the altitude. We were also advised to not fly or even scuba dive!! I am sorry I dont have any wise words of wisdom as it is just a time thing. I hope things sort them self out soon.
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