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My baby is always sick! Lock Rss

And he doesn't even go to childcare!

He had a cold, then BAD gastro, then got a sinus infection and just got over that now we have diarrheoa (sp)......

Is it just my baby? Or do other babies get sick quite often? It seems like we get over one thing and he's sick again!

DS 22 months DD 9 Oct 07

sounds EXACTLY like my 9.5 month old! he does go to daycare, and has EVERYTHING! he has had gastro, temps, and ear infections and has diarrhoea every 2nd week and keeps getting sent home from care! i cant even be sure that it is from the centre, as he puts everything in his mouth! i am like you and wondering if i just have a sicky baby. i am hoping his immune system kicks in soon! i just went to the chemist yesterday as my DS has had diarrhoea on and off for about 6 weeks (the doctor said there isnt much to do as long as he is hydrated). i ended up getting Inner Health (it is the powder that is supposed to balance the good bugs in the tummy). they make an infant batch. since giving it to him last night his diarrhoea has stopped!
so the short answer is yes, my baby seems sick all the time too!!

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