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My daughter has bad excema and iam thinking of trying the QV range, but as they cost abit for the products i am worried about spending $20 or so on a bottle and she has a reaction to it. Does anyone know if you can get samples of their products from anywhere?
Cheers Dawn

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Dawn - have you tried asking your local pharmacy and explaining the situation - they might be able to steer you in the right direction for some samples or may even have some themselves.
I've gotten loads of samples from my baby health clinic. My daughter has allergies and they have given me samples of formula, food and skin products. It's worth asking.

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Hi Dawn

When I was in hospital with my daughter (5.5 weeks old) we were all given little sample bottles of QV wash - so they are available. Maybe ask at your local pharmacy or contact Ego directly, I'm sure they'd be happy to help if it means you'll buy their product.

Hope this helps
Hi I also got sampes from hospital so they are around.

Is their address ask them for samples they may even have something more suited. Hope this helps smile

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