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general nesthetic - what to expect Lock Rss

Hi i am just looking for some one who has had their bub put under anesthetic. my bub is 5 months old and his last x-ray didnt show where the joins should be in the frontal or in the back (if that makes sense), anyway he goes in next week for a CT scan and an MRI but i am concerned about him being put under anesthetic. can any body tell me what to expect after like will he be sick or just groggy or what??? it has all been rushed so i really dont know what to expect.


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My daughter was just groggy waking up from the anesthetic, took about 3/4 hour before she was fully awake and back to her normal self. She just wanted to cuddle after she woke up. She had heart surgery last July. They told me all babies vary, but generally they are just sleepy waking up.
The general anesthetic is better though I found then the sedation they give by injection (it doesn't put them to sleep), she just had the sedation done for an echo done on her heart and she reacted coming down off the drug they gave her (was very restless, screaming, agressive, biting - she's never bitten before). Good luck, hope everything goes well.


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