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I am new to this Lock Rss

Hi my names Ngari, i have a Boy 4, Girl 2 and baby girl who's 5 mths, we have just recently been in hospital with some sort of infection in the blood which gave her a very high white cell count and also being anemic which was quite scary, shes been a beautiful little cherub since she was born even when she was sick with high temps because of this infection she was an angel. It is very stressfull seeing your little one so sick has anyway else had any similar problems when the child was young.


Ngari 25, mother of 3

hi well my aunty just had the same experience with her daughter she is 2 i think she had high temperatures and also something to do with the cells they rushed her to melbourne because they thought she might of had lukemia but she didnt thank god i think she just had some sort of infection to they thought it might of been glangela fever but it gave us all a very big scare anyway now she is fine.
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