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I am not sure if this is the right place to post this but I am just so annoyed, I dont know if that is the right word but GRRR!

My DD has ezcema & has had it from birth, have been trying to get a referal to an allergy clinic\specialist without success. I finally got one today, however have just rang the clinic & they will be able to see my DD in March 2008! I expected a wait but over 12 months??? Not really expecting posts back just needed to vent so frustrating trying to do the right thing by bubs and hit a brick wall. I am trialing foods for starting solids etc but was hoping I could get allergy testing done to elliminate suspect food as quickly as possible so that I didnt have to learn the hard way that DD is allergic. The hard way being days of an itchy, sore, cranky baby!

Piper - the little cruiser

Hi Michelle,
Doctors,etc are frustrating arent they.
My daughter has eczema as well,not really bad,its been pretty good lately "touch wood".
I started her on solids about 3 1/2 weeks ago..and so far so good "touch wood" again.
But i had a similar drama with the physio.She has slight click in her hip when she was first born,it took us about 1 mth to get in to see a physio,we were then referred to a hip specialist which was i think a 3mth wait.
Luckily we saw another physio in the mean time and her hips were fine.
So mine wasnt as frustrating as what you are going through...its ridiculous.
Good luck with it all smile
Hi Michelle, Maybe you could try writing to the clinic and sending pictures of the eczema. I did this with my sons reactions (hives and swelling from milk & egg). I emailed photos and descriptions, they rang the next day and even though there was an 8 month waiting list at time time I got in the next week. It's worth a try.
Good luck

Karen, NSW (Now a mum of 4) 12,11,6 & Khye 11 mth

I would go back to the doctor that gave you the referal and see if he/she could send you to someone else. I am just about to get DD allergy testing and If i went through the allergy clinic with the hospital I would have to wait over 12months but I am seeing someone privately in 2 weeks. A lot short waiting time
Hi Shelldan&piper,

Are you in QLD. Just curious. My daughter has an appointment booked in for Feb 2008, we rang up a couple of months earlier. It is a pain, I was ..... as well when I found out the waiting list.

Mum to Brooke 23.2 weeks, 450 grams now 3.5 yrs

i suffer from excema so i know what it's like to have.

but i've never been to a speacialist ever. i've been to a naturopath and found them extemely helpful. they were able to idenity what items i was allergic to in an non evasive way.

try to find someone in your area.

doesn't hurt to try, and if it does improve in the time that you are waiting for the specialist even better.
It's a common thing but scary all the same! I'm in SA and was told that I would have to wait about 15 months to see an allergy specialist and close to 12 months if I was placed on the emergency list. I chose to see one privately at my own expense and was lucky they had a cancellation 2 weeks later.

In the age of serious food allergies and the stories we hear about them this is really a worrying thing. My advice to you would be to ensure you avoid the most common allergens while feeding bubs in the meantime.

My son tested positive to wheat, egg, soy, cows milk, lamb & beef and once these were eliminated from his diet his eczema improved considerably. Wishing you all the best for your appointment in May.
Hi Shelldan&piper!!

Where are you located? If you are in Sydney Australian Biologics do allergy testing and they can usually fit you in within a week or two (they check for 95 foods and other things like pollen and mould at the same time)!! In the meantime you could try adding flaxseed oil to bubs food as it's often something MISSING from the diet (or mum's diet if b/feeding) such as omega 3 & 6, rather than something already in it. It can't hurt to try as there are so many other benefits from flaxseed as well!! Good Luck!!
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