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I was just wondering if anyone has used these drops for their babies blocked nose??
My little man has a really badly blocked nose and i was wondering if this would help? I dont like the fact that he cant breathe properly so would like to try and fix it as soon as possible.
hi there

Yes they do work but you need to put them in about 1/2 before a feed if you want him unblocked for a feed. The other thing to use is a steam vaproser (sp)
get the one with a nasal aspirator, so you can suck the mucus out with it. i didnt want to hold my baby'd head bac, so i didnt try the drops.

also baby balsam works well, just rub it on the chest and back area.
Just wondering if you know that you can use the drops as a spray too.
I don't know if I'm slow or just didn't read the package properly but I find using it as a spray is easier for my daughter as she doesn't like being on her back with her head tilted back for the drops to go in. She actually likes the spray.
hi k.k,
this is prob a bit late but my son was always blocked and had trouble breathing, so i tried that fess and no go, i used the vapouriser machine and place a huggies nappy box under the cot to raise the cot so he could breath better and also used baby vicks on his chest or singlet...
this might help next time

sharon,nsw, kailee 2, marc 6 months

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