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conjunctivitis Lock Rss

my 8 month old has conjunctivitis. the pharmist says. what should i do.

Claire Qld Phoebe born 31/5/06 xavier born 1/1/08

are you breastfeeding? My aunty has a friend who used to be a nursing mothers consultant and she said you can use some expressed breast milk on a cotton square to clean bubs eyes as breast milk contains naturally occuring antibiotics, which is great because it is natural!
Do you breast feed?

Have you got any stored?

IF you are then wet a piece of cotton wool and wipe the eye from the inside to the out. Only once and then throw it away. Repeat until all the gunk is gone.

If your not then there are eye drops available. I"m surprised that the pharmacist didn't recommend any.

Tiddles, Vic, 3/1/2006 dd

If you're breastfeeding, use your milk. It will clear it up really fast. Both my kids had it a lot when they were newborn and I used breast milk everytime, and it's great!
Probably better than drops from a chemist. It's got all the antibodies and other good stuff in it!
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