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Mr Grizzly .... Lock Rss

My 1y.o. has been diagnoised with Asthma and due to being sick since he was about 8 weeks old he has become extremely attached to me and becomes grizzly if i leave the room or cant walk around with him when he is awake. Has anyone got any ideas on how i can get him to no be so attached. I can't really leave him crying as he can't breathe properly through the coughing? Please help if you can!!

sa, girl 3 & boy 1

I can understand your position as my baby was diagnosed with a heart defect at 5 weeks and was very ill. I used to rock him to sleep because I felt sorry for him, this then became a problem because he was to start daycare at 6months. I went to Dalewood Homes for a daystay and they helped alot. Now that my son can crawl he seems to be alot happier because he can follow me around the house, I'm not sure if your little one can crawl yet. When I am outside I fill alot of kitchen containers with water and bring out his bath toys, he loves to muck around and get all wet. When I am inside I ocassionally put on a childrens music video and while I am cleaning I dance infront of him and also put all his toys around him this helps to distract him for a bit longer.
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