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Breathing problems Lock Rss

Jordan is 2 weeks old and she is holding her breath, when she does this her face goes bright red and her hands clench tight. It only lasts for approx. 20-30 seconds(I think) but it feels like forever. It has happened 4 times now. Has anyone else had this happen in a young baby or know what to do? I mentioned it to my doctor but all she said is we will have to watch that, she really didn't know much about it and what to do. Any suggestions?

ayla (4 months), jordan(4yrs), maddys(7yrs)

hey hope this helps weve used this a few times and its simple and cheap hahahahha as kenzie has thrown mini tantys so just blow not to soft and not to hard directly on their face

Makes them gasp enough and remind them to catch a breath. hope this works, let us know how it goes take care

Love Kel and Mckenzie xoxoxo

Mckenzie Cate 28/7/04 & Lexi Breanne 10/5/07

Jordans mum,

she may be doing a poo? If not and you still arent happy with what your dr advised, then see another doc. Noone knows our bubs like we do.

My bub seemed distressed on day and everyone told me he was just grumpy as we had lots of visitors, I took him up to the drs just for my own peice of mind and within an hour we were in the emergency department as Bennnett had developed bronciolitis and had to have help breathing.


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

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