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Bowel Movements Lock Rss

My 5mth old baby girl, is regular with her bowel movements, but they don't seem right. They're not your normal baby poos, and they're not like her twin brothers either. They look hard, and I suppose an easy way to describe it is that they're a bit harder than peanut butter. She's upset a lot, straightens her legs a lot, clenches her fists a lot, and seems so tense. She's on S26 formula, isn't on solids yet because the Dr told me not to give her any yet cause she's got a bit of reflux. Any one elses baby like that, or been like that with the bowel movements?
hi well my daughter also has the same problem she often gets contispated and her poos get hard and it isnt a very nice thing for them i have found that if she has a hard poo i give her prune juice and it really does the job or other wise u could try coloxyl drops which you can buy from your local chemist but i find prune juice is a real life saver goodluck
A really good remedy for this problem is Apple juice. Golden Circle has juices especially for babies. It is called "Junior" and comes in a few different flavours. It is for 6 months and over and is ready to drink as it is, but for younger babies, I would dilute it a bit until they get older. Most babies love apples/juice and drink it easily, and it is mild on their stomachs. Hope this helps, as constipation can be painful for them.

Mother of 3, Qld

Hi there,
My 71/2 month old used to be on the S26Ar and the normal S26 formula, but both gave her constipation. I tried them both as its supposed to be the best for refluxy and spewy babes, but it didn't help at all and she just kept on getting constipation. I was told to dissolve brown sugar in warm water to help flush, but I ended up giving her that nearly every second day. Which I really didn't want to. I changed her to the Nan formula and it hasn't helped with being as spewy baby, but at least she's not constipated. Maybe talk to either doc or health clinic about changing her formula. Why did the doc tell you not to start solids? One of my friends has a severely reflux girl and was told to start as it can help settle the tummy. I guess every doc has their own way. Hope that helps a little.

Lisa, SA, baby girl (4.5.03)

Hi mum of twins,
My little one also got constipated on the s26 formula.( Its known for it). I had tried everything and he wouldnt drink large amounts of water so my health nurse said I should change to Nan1 and straight away his poos went back to how they were when I was breastfeeding. Every baby is different even if there twins. Also starting them on solids changes their poo even more, alot harder so maybe get the constipation under control first good luck. Also putting a little vaseline on the anus(not inside) helps it come out easier.

michelle, mum of jackson 13-02-03

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