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Mild Cerebral Palsy Lock Rss

My 7 month old nephew was diagnosed with mild CP at 4 months old. He is progressing really well with his physio and we are already starting to see that he is opening his affected hand more and using his fingers on that side to grasp things. He has met all of his milestones on time and some of them early (eg clapping and waving bye bye at 5 months). He is yet to crawl or get on to all fours so it is still to early to tell how much his leg movements will be affected although his foot does turn inwards slightly.
He is the most adorable, happy little boy and we all love him dearly.
Does anyone else have a child with similar disabilities and could offer any advice on the issues that he may face?

Much appreciated
I don't know much about cerebral palsy but Isabella was born with a mild case of club feet and they said she might not be able to walk properly because both of her feet turned inwards. She also had lots of physio and yesterday she took two steps all by herself, at only 9 months. So don't worry too much about your nephew's foot. It sounds like he is doing very well. Isabella still won't clap her hands and has only just started to wave. It is amazing how babies can overcome such disabilities. They are so strong.
Hi i was just wondering how do they diagnose in babies cerebral palsy? Is it picked up in pregnancy or after the babies born..???


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