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how can I tell if my baby is getting a cold Lock Rss

Hi everyone,
this might seem like a stupid question but how do i know if my baby is getting a cold or has a cold what are the signs to look out for?.
My son would get runny/red eyes, a runny nose and maybe a cough. Most of the time in this order. He has only had a couple in his 18 months and last month he was quite bad with a temperature for a few days. He has never had a "green" runny nose, although this is also a sign. not sure how old your bub is but sometimes it can be hard to tell between teething and a cold as my son would get a runny nose with teething aswell. Anyway, hope your bub is not getting a cold.

My babies are all grown up sad

My son is 4 1/2 months old and has had 4 colds! His sister 'shares' them with him. She doesn't go to daycare but still seems to catch a cold regularly. The first sign of him getting a cold is when he suddenly becomes irritable for no reason and then his nose runs. He is too young to give any of the over-the-counter medicines (Dimatapp, Demizin) that I can give my daughter so I give him Panadol, Fess Nose Drop if his nose is blocked, rub Tixylix or Baby Vicks on his chest and put the vaporiser on everytime he has a sleep. I keep a pillow under one end of his cot matress so that it is raised slightly. This helps all the yuk to run from his head down the back of his throat into his stomach instead of collecting in his head and congesting.

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