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Teething & Sleep Lock Rss

My daughter Mackenzie is 5 months old and we can see her 2 bottom teeth and think that they will be soon through. The problem is that she is very whingey and it seems to be interupting her sleeping patterns at night. Normally, she will wake up for 1 feed through the night about 3.30-4 am but like last night she woke for a bottle at midnight and then again at 4am. She is fine and playing happily one minute and then the next she is cranky and grizzly doesnt want to be picked doesnt want to be put down. She is on solids and can be picky with her bottle through the day but offer her solids and she just about devours them. We also dont know much about a bit of a routine with solids and bottles and when she might be able to start having watered down juice etc. Anyone with advice please help us make life a little more comfortable for our little girl.

Stephanie, NSW, Mother of Mackenzie

Have you tried Bonjela teething gel yet? It definately sounds like she is teething and the Bonjela should help her feel more comfortable. I waited till 6 months before giving her diluted juice but my daughter loves water.
Hi Kirstie,

Thanks for that, yes we have tried Bonjela and it works for about 5 mins and then she is cranky again! Mackenzie does drink water on hot days but I am just starting to think of things that might make her happy.
Thanks, Stephanie

Stephanie, NSW, Mother of Mackenzie

well hi i have a nearly 8mth old daughter and she still has no teeth she has had 2 come through but then they went back down her 4 top teeth are just sitting there waiting to come through.
some of the things i do are give her a teething ring out of the fridge or i put some carrot sticks in the freezer and let her chew on them and at night i give her some nurofen to help ease the pain.
anyway goodluck it is just a waiting game i have been waiting for ages but they still dont wanna come through.
Hi Stephanie,
Have you tried Panadol? It is safe to use on babies over 2 months (Nurofen over 6 months).
We gave Ella panadol of a night time to ease the pain and settle her down and I also put Bonjella on her dummy as it seemed to work better than trying to smear it on her gums.
Good Luck!!!

Louise, Brisbane Qld. Mum to Ella and Luca

Hi, I guess as a new mum I was expecting teeth to come later, but my little boy is just 4 months and has the two bottom teeth and is just about to get the two top teeth. He refused bongella, so I put vegiemite on his dummy or gums to help sooth the pain by day. It works quite well. He is too young for the teething rings and cold vegies, so he has done it tough. I give him lots of cuddles and comfort, and remind myself that it will get better.

Ann, NSW, baby boy

If the Bonjela doesn't work, you could try the SM-33 gel. it is exactly the same thing as bonjela, but when i've used it on myself for mouth ulcers etc and on my son it seems to numb the area really quickly and lasts for a lot longer than bonjela. it is safe to use on babies too. My son is 18months and only just cutting his molars. He has been slow in cutting his teeth, but his personality changes are unbelievable too. He normally is a very happy baby, never cries or whinges, but a few days before his teeth break through he is like a different child. he has a couple of bad nights, waking up screaming and i give him Nurofen, which seems to work better than Panadol for him. I think the only thing you can do is be patient and give lots of cuddles.

I started my son on watered down juice at about 6 months of age. He has had no side effects. I tried to have him on one meal a day of soilds by four months, two meals a day by 5 months and three meals by six. I also made sure that he had a solid meal and then a bottle before he went to bed for the night so that he slept right through.

Hope this helps. See ya
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