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hemangeoma-strawberry birthmark Lock Rss

hi just after a bit of advise. my daughter was born with a hemangeoma( a benign tumor) next to her right eye. she is now 12 months old and it has shrunk right down. but in the centre of it is two little strawberry birthmarks so my question is will she have them for life or will they fade like the hemangeoma? and if they don't fade do they get bigger as she grows. i have asked her ophomologist but they are more concerned about the tumor and dont really give us answers.

mum of three girls (99,02,06)

hi my baby was born with heaps of the strawberry birthmarks on her sholder, back and tummy and they told me that they should be gone by the time she is 2.they say that they are just raised veins. hope this helps
[Edited on 02/05/2007]
Isn't that funny? My DS has one on his shoulder and we were told it would go by the time he was 5!
DS has ome on his "man parts" IFYWIM. Everytime we see adoctor they always poke it and say that it should go down by the time he is 2, Unfortunetly I think tha t it might be getting bigger instead of smaller, so it's off to the doctors again on Monday (appointment), I didn't know that they could be cancerious so I think that it might be a good idea that we go back now that I ahve red your posts. Don't worry not freaking out but has given me something to think about if they ask if we want it removed.

little monkeys

if they are just raised vains they will go away in time.
hi, my son has a strawberry mark which appeared a few weeks after he was born. i have read a bit about them and have also spoken to people who have had them. from what i know these disappear at around the age of 2. hope this helps
my friends girl had one on her back it was quite large, about 4 cm and very raised, it completely disapeared when she was about 6 years old.

Bel,WA,Girl :7,twin boys:5,girl:6 months

Hi, I have a strawberry birthmark on my bra line on my back. It was pretty big when I was little and doctors told mum it would fade. It hasn't, it's just gotten smaller. I'm 25 this year. Mum was also told that if it ended up being raised then i'd need it cut out. Luckily it didn't raise.

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