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Low Platelets Lock Rss

Hi my name is amanda and my son brayden was born Jan 16th 2005. I had a normal pregnancy and had no idea I was going to have a baby with low platelets...I was induced by my own request at 38 weeks (thank god I did otherwise Brayden wouldn't be here) and had a vacuum and forceps delivery.. EVerything was fine when he was born except for a big hematoma on the back of his head... The first 24 hours he was incredibly unsettled and hated to be held and his feet and hands were badly bruised.. After I insisted that there was something wrong with him and that a paed needed to examine him they finely did a blood test and discovered that he had an extremly low platelet count and was bleeding under the skin... A normal babys platelet count is anything from say 200-400 and when a babys platelets goes under 50 they are extrmely high risk to have a bleed in the brain...when they tested braydens that day it was under 10... The next 2 weeks went in a blur as he had to be immedialty transferred to the Royal Childrens Hospital Intensive care unit and required 4 transfusions to try and increase his platelet count and stop him from having a haemmorage. It was the most terrifying experience for my husband and I and our families as we had no knowledge of what was going on and didnt understand any of it... Anyway after 6 wwks Braydens platelet count went back to normal and he is normal happy thriving baby boy... My concern is what the outcome could be if we decide to have another child because the same thing would happen again as im the carrier of a very rare platlet type and it will carry over to the next child again...
I was hoping there was someone out there that has gone through the same thing as us and would like to share their story and maybe what they think about the possibilty of having more childrenn...


Hi Amanda,
Its Monique, just thought id say hello,i was just reading your post and thought gee this sounds like someone i know
Anyway better go

ME25, DF28, DD 4, DS18 months

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