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is there anything you shouldnt feed a baby? Lock Rss

hi guys,
is there anything you shouldnt feed a baby? Kayden is 5months and i have started him on pears in the morning and sweet potato at night every 2nd night he has broccoli and pumpkin which he loves... am going to start making other mixes to see if he likes them. But does any one know if anything is NOT good for baby? for baby weekly specials. -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

Hi Leia

I just went through all the info given to me at our clinic when I started my son on solids. Apparently strawberries are high in potential allergans so shouldn't be introduced until 12months, the same goes for stone fruits and citrus (particularly if there is a history of allergy eg. Asthma, hayfever, food allergies etc in your family). Honey should also be avoided for the first 12 months as there is a small chance of Botulism - a bacteria which can be fatal in extreme circumstances. If anyone in your family is allergic to eggs it's best not to offer them to your baby until after 12 months, when your baby does start on eggs only give the yolk first and when you know he's ok with that you can introduce the white. Try and hold off on introducing wheat and dairy until your baby is about 9 months old and has a more mature digestive system able to process these foods. Other cereals you can introduce earlier are rice, oats and barley. Always remember to offer one food at a time for a few days to make sure your baby doesn't have a reaction to it.

The foods you have started with are the best as first foods as they are less likely to cause reactions like the foods mentioned above. Your child health nurse should also be able to give you some more info. Hope this helps

Take care
Anything containing peanuts (peanut butter, etc) is best avoided until at least 12mths due to the risk of allergies being quite high. I think this goes for other nuts as well. (Of course whole peanuts and other nuts need to be avoided until children are about 5 years due to the choking risk).
Cheers, Di
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