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First time mum and teething Lock Rss

My son is 14 weeks and I think he is teething.

He is dribbling a lot, has a bump on the right hand side of his gums, yet doesn't seem to be over grumpy or out of chracter. I am unsure if he is teething or not.

Can anyone help ? What are some other signs of teething ? How long do teeth take to rupture the gums ? Any help will be greatly appreciated !!!
hi kirsty,my wee girl is 20wks now,when she was 8wks,she was gritchy & dribbly,& her gums were all white.i was told that her teeth were jst moving round in her gums.She is jst starting 2 get a tooth now,but its still not thru yet..after 3wks.My doc keeps telling me its 2 early 4 her 2 b teething,but shes dribbling a heck of alot & biting down hard on anything that goes anywhere near her mouth,i wasnt sure if it was a tooth coming in..being a 1st time mum i got my mum 2 have a look 4 girl isnt grumpy either,i give her a teething rattle 2 bite on & she loves that

melanie,bub born feb 2005

My little man got his first teeth @ 4mths, 2more @ 6mths and another 2 on the way, i guess i was lucky as they came through pretty quick (about a week) but they don't always come through so quick my cousin had her little girl on the same day and she has been having all the symptoms and her gums are bulging but still nothing has come through! When my lil man is teething he gets a bit grumpy especially at night time, nappy rash, rashes on his body down the front of his torso, and he pulls off the breast alot! so good luck girsl hope they come through quick!

Devlin's Mum - 9 Dec 2004

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