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the amount we eat... plz read Lock Rss

hey all,
do you think the amount we eat has something to do with the amount the baby puts on in weight? i mean my milk supply has gone down, and im thinking maybe it has gone down because im not eating as much because its winter and i am scared of putting on too much weight. therefore im not producing as much milk - have you heard of this? or tell me what you think... i'd be interested to know.
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Hi Leia

I'm not really sure - I know fluid is really important, you don't need to go overboard though the lactation consultant at our hospital said just drink enough so you're not thirsty. 'They' always say that you shouldn't try to lose weight and go on any drastic diets while breastfeeding though. Maybe contact the breastfeeding association or have a chat to your child health nurse.

Take care
Be really carefull. Just like when you where pregnant the baby will suck all of the goodies out of you so your body will miss out. There is no reason to be eating fatty foods or high sugar content foods. Eat a sensible healthy diet. If you copy what you would/are feeding bub then you can't go wrong. Plenty of fresh fruit and steamed vegies etc. Make sure you drink plenty of water and keep your calcium intake up. It may not matter now but in 30 - 40 years when your hips break and you break your wrist in the fall and it doesn't heal..... Go for walks or other exercise if you can. Start off small and build up. Try and pick a time suitable to bub and yourself and the fresh air is great for you and bub. In the short term I think milk supply should be Ok but even if it isn't effecting your quantity it will be effecting your quality. Consider the lactating vitamin tablets if you are serious about changing your diet to cover all bases! Slow steady weight loss is best, good luck but make sure you don't go overboard, they don't recomend dieting when breast feeding for a reason.


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