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Newborn with a cold Lock Rss

Hi I was after some help... I hve a 9 day old bby and my family has the flu anyways my little man has it as well now!

He is still drinking but cant do the breathing and drinking at the same time with his nose been blocked! And he coughs all the way through the bottle and he gets upset as well.

I was wondering what I could do to give him some relief?

All I have been told to do is give him heaps of fluids and make sure his nose is kept clean. But I want to help him more.


Alanna,VIC DD 030503 DS1 290605 & DS2 040407

Hi there,

I haven't used it, but I have heard there is something you can put up there nose that will break the mucus up.. I don't know what it's called so I'm not really that much help, but if you take bubs to the chemist they should be able to help you.

Auctally, there is something you can get. At the chemist they sell vapourisers. You just put them in bubs room & it also breaks up the mucus. They cost about $30, but it can also be used in the future.

One thing I have had to be careful about when my bubs has a runny nose is that she rubs her snot in her eyes & develops conguntivitis.

Hope all goes well.

Bernadette & Georgia, NSW

Hi, We had a similiar situation when bubba was a few days old. We tried fess for little noses and the relief she must have felt. Bubba wasn't too sure about a big suction thing going near her nose and she fought well, although when we suctioned out the mucus she realised she could breath and immediatly went straight to the breast for a decent feed on both sides.
Unfortunately though at two weeks old she began sneezing fluro green snot out and had to be put on antibiotics for a bacterial infection. I was pretty concerned about antibiotics for one so young however she improved immensely with the first two doses and started putting on the weight well.
Fess little noses has been our godsend ever since (bubba is now 7mths).
Good luck, hope our info helps

Mel,Qld,the tribe

I have a humidifier... Fantastic invention! Mia got a cold at 3 mths and 2 days later - all gone!!! Didn't use panadol just put a bit of eculyptus in the machine (you buy this in a bottle when you buy the unit). Mine cost $50 plus $11 for smelly stuff and cleaning blocks.

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