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Blocked Tear duct (sticky eye) Lock Rss


My sisters 9 mths old has a blocked tear duct in his left eye which releases a yellow discharge. The Dr has advised her that it should clear by the time he is 12 mths, but just wondering if anyone has had this problem with their child.

hi alley!

one of my twin girls had the same problem when she was around 1 month old. it does clear up eventually. hers took around 3 months before it stopped releasing the yellow discharge.

Hi Alley

My daughter sometimes gets this, she's only 3 1/2 months old and doesn't seem to be getting it as often as she did in the first few weeks. Our nurse also told me that they usually grow out of it by about 12 months. I always put some breastmilk in her eyes when she gets it and it clears up straight away, so if your sister is breastfeeding she could try that.

Take care
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