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Tight Hips Lock Rss

Hi, i am a first time mum to Connor who is 15wks old and he was diagnosed with tight hips when he was six weeks old. I have to keep taking him to the peadiatrician every few months so they can keep an eye on them and if they are still like it at six months they are going to do some xrays to see what the problem is. I hate to think of what they might have to do if there is still a problem.

I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem or know of someone who has as i have never heard of a baby having tight hips before.

Should i get a second opinion???


My son was born with clicky hips I don't know if this is the same sort of thing but from birth he had to have a ultrasound on them every 6 months until he was 2. But he was fine so nothing further needed to be done but my neighbours daughter had the same problem & she was put in plaster from the hips to above the knees for 6 months & then had to have a brace she was only 4 months old at the time of the plaster but she now is 18months old and just like any normal child.It took her a bit longer to crawl & walk bu it all came with time.
I suggest you ask for a ultrasound and get them to have a look at the hips.
Good luck & I hope I have been of some help


P.S 60 Percent of kids are born with clicky hips & 99 percent of them don't resolve into anything.
Hi, my 8mth old girl has plaster and she was diagnosed at her 6mth check, she will have the plaster on for 3 mths all up, she is coping really well and can move around when she is put on her tummy. Her left hip wasn't in the joint properly so hopefully this will correct it . She has plaster from her tummy to half way past her knees on both sides, so when she is on her tummy she is in the crawling position,The hardest part is keeping the plaster dry, so it is like having a new born baby and changing the nappy during the night. we have found using xl toddler huggies and putting a weenies pad cut in half to soak up the wee and then we only have to change the pad and not the whole nappy other wise it would be costing us heaps in nappy changes. hope this can help other people out there in the same situation.

jackie,tas,2 girls

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