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Colic Lock Rss

My 4 and half month old baby boy has really bady colic. He has reflux and has now been on Losec for approx 10 weeks. Under the advice of his paed. I was asked to wean him of Neocate (special formula - prescription only) to S26. I have tried that a couple of times and he is just so uncomfortable and is crying out in pain and is very unsettled. Does anyone know what to do for severe colic? I will stop (for now) the S26 and keep him on Neocate for a bit longer and try again maybe next month.


Mum to toddler

Both my kids had bad colic I had my son on S26 and changed him to Karicare and noticed a difference within 2 days. Also herbal colic drops from a health food shop the brand is Brauer and they are just called colic drops.When I had my daughter she also had bad colic I had her on Karicare and the drops and I had a happy baby.
Good luck let me know how you go.

Hi Bec,

Thank you so much for your quick response. I will try both Karicare formula and the Brauer colic drops.

Thanks again.


Mum to toddler

Hi Sam,
My son had terrible colic aswell. He used to scream from 6am to 9pm constantly! No sleep! I tried infacol and that didnt help. In the end my Dr prescribed him Merbentle. It says on the bottle for 6 months onwards but it was fine because the Dr prescribed it. He was fine an hour later.
Lots of warm baths helped, Warm bottle of water after feed also worked well. And I used to keep him upright half an hour after feed.
Dont worry, this doesnt last much longer.

michelle, mum of jackson 13-02-03

It's only an old-wives-tale but it always worked on my six kids. Keep socks on their feet. We live in hot old Darwin but my kids all wore socks and whether it is coincidence or not, they didn't get colicy. My cousin in Sydney tried it too and it worked for her also. Worth a try!

Brenda, 6 kids, NT

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