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3 and a half month with a cold?? Any tips? Lock Rss

Hi I was just wondering if anyone has any tips for me. My 3 & a hlf mth old, well nearly 4 mth, has a cold and has done for about a week and a half now. It's mainly only a stuffy nose but every time we think it's going good, he goes down hill again. He can be ok through the day but come bed time and he's all stuffed up.

We've bought the "Fess Little Noses" saline drops and aspirtaor. But it doesn't help all the time. And he also seems to have flem on his chest. We've tried the patting the back to help loosen it up, but of course it's ok for nanny to do it but not mum!!!

Anyway, just hoping that somebody may have some tips for me to help clear it up.

Thanks wink

My Etahn has also had a blocked nose on and off.
We have been using a vapouriser in his room at night and this seems to break it up. I have noticed that if we don't put it on he gets all snuffy again. I have also be using baby Vicks on his chest.

Hope this may help


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