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Get the tonsils out or not. Lock Rss

My duaghter has had 4 lots of tonsilitis in 8 months. She's been in hospital once (nearly twice) for it. When she gets it she doesn't eat or drink. The doctor suggested to get them out.

I've been told you should wait until kids are about 5. My daughter is only 2.

Has anyone else had this problem and what should I do?

Hi, I know this isn't really going to help but I had my tonsils out when I was just 2, for much the same reason as your girl. I don't remember much of it (obviously) but I'm not sure why they try to delay it these days. I've heard it's to do with likelihood of bleeding but not sure. I'm sure you'll hear more on it and I'll be keeping an eye on this thread incase it happens to my kids. If they were as sick as yours I don't know if I could bear to wait and see them get so sick in the meantime.
Good Luck

Dizie, 2 girls, 2002 & 2003

Hi there
My 2 nieces have both had there tonsills out, Phoebe was 3 & Daisy just turned 2 when she had hers removed as they constantly got tonsilitis.
They are both fine.
They were in hospital for 1.5 days after the operation, no problems with bleeding after the op.

It can be done, i suppose it just depends on your Doc.
My nieces were done in Albury NSW.
my oldest had tonsilitis from the age of 4mths until he was 6. I had a huge fight on my hands to get them removed.
Every second week he was on antibiotics. it wasn't until we moved and i changed doctors that something was finally done. but i was told that docs are very reluctant to remove them much before the age of 5-6 due to the fact they can grow back. (my partner's grew back when he was young)
Since having mitchell's tonsils out last December he hasn't been sick at all and eats more food than i do.

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