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How much does your baby take in a feed? Lock Rss

We have had to replace our baby's bottles because he is taking nearly 310ml each feed ( usually every 4 to 6 hours ) and he is only 15 weeks old. He is on a thickend formula and hardly ever leaves any behind. He is extremly happy and a fantastic sleeper, yesterday he had a 8 hour break between feeds and a 6 hour sleep and still slept all night. He is a big boy but not overly big, he has roughly 4 to 5 feeds a day and sometimes he seems to want more but doesn't get upset if he doesn't get more. Is there other mums out there with babies who seem to eat more than they should and if so can you let me know how much please? I am a bit worried about this and I am hoping my little boy is the only one out there with a big appetite.
Have you tried putting him on solids yet??? He might be haaving so much because he is trying to compensate for the need for solid food. Also you might want to try to give him water or you can get juice for babies so try some of that instead. Give him a normal sized bottle and then if he is still wanting more try some water for juice or a dummy

Beth, QLD,

I started my baby on solids at 3 months, first of all rice cereal and then vegies. My baby was underweight and he started solids from the advice of my pediatrician. You should check with your clinic sister before starting solids.
I was breastfeeding my first baby every 2-3 hours daily and he always wanted more so I put him on solids about 3-4 months and he took to them really quickly, he loved it and slowed down on the milk. They should be starting some cereal about 4 months anyway so 15 weeks isn't far off that. Good luck, your baby sounds just normal.

Michelle, 2 boys, 2 3/4 and 17mths

My little girl is 10 weeks old and is taking 140-150mls per feed 4-5 times a day, and at times she wants more also, but we just give her some water instead as she is gaining weight really well on what we are feeding her.

How much does your little fella weigh? The clinic nurses told me to times my babies weight in kilos by 150 then divide by the number of feeds per day, and what is left over is the amount of mls she should be having per feed. For example, my daughter is 5kgs, so i times that by 150 divided by 5 (because she has 5 feeds a day) and i get exactly 150mls. It seems that method keeps her at a nice steady increase. You might want to do that, and give him water like i do with my girl OR give him a spoonful of solid. That should keep him happy. I have given my daughter like a pinch of mashed potato before and she loved it.

He is not the only big eater though. My girl loves her tucker and is always happiest after a feed smile
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