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First Solids.. How Much? Lock Rss

ive just started feeding my little man solids and being a first time mum have no idea how much solids i should be feeding him. i know that you should try them on different foods each week incase of an allergic reaction but do i give jett one meal a day and a bottle or two?
So far ive been giving him fruit for lunch with a bottle and if his awake at about 6 ill give him vegies and a bottle before he goes to bed... it seems to be working just fine he loves his food no matter what i give him but is this the right amount for first time eaters?
Id love to hear you all have done regarding first time solids...

Jett.. Born march 4 2005, 3.9kg. Royal Brisbane

when i started kayden on solids, i started by giving him his morning breast feed and then pretty much straight after i gave him 2 icecubes of frozen pears. He soon realised after about 2 weeks of consistancy of giving him pears that he was going to keep getting them so he started to slowly drop some of his feed off. But i got told to always offer the feed before solids because they still need milk!

he is now 6months and i give him pears in the morning (which is slowly swapping over to soggy weet bix) and veggies for dinner. He loves it all, he cant get enough of his food. But keep trying - just remember its all about routine, and consistancy! if you dont stick to it, he will become confused. GOOD LUCK -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

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