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penis disappearing as he gets older?!!! Lock Rss

Funny but weird question. Anyone else's son getting fat as he grows and his penis is disappearing? He had a normal size at the start but now well into 75% centile for weight and his willy looks hidden almost! (DS is 4mths)
I know it will reappear as he grows up but just want to know if anyone else had this happen.


Mum to two boys (born March 07 & December 08)

I had the same thing happen with my son when he was 3 months. He is now 8 months and its still hiding. Its called 'hidden penis' and very scary to look at at first. I was told by the specialist that its due to fat around the area. Once bubs is more active when he starts walking he will burn the fat which will be around 12 months and it should stick out like normal again. Im not sure how common it is.
thanks for that, i will tell my hubby and he will be happy!!

Mum to two boys (born March 07 & December 08)

Quite normal I’d say.

It is a bit embarrasing when his willy is on show and i know other mums are looking at it and thinking "poor kid he's small". But then i reassure myself that it was big but now covered by big rolls of fat and if genetics have anything to do with size i am sure he will have plenty to play with once he loses his baby fat and the willy appears again!!
We will wait and see (literally!) and until then make sure all photos are edited so he never knows about it!

Mum to two boys (born March 07 & December 08)

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