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midline sebaceous cyst on babies head Lock Rss

Dear All - DS is 10.5 months old & has had a small lump on his head for the past 3 weeks approx - 2nd time that we had the GP check it we were told that its a midline sebaceous cyst and we were referred to a prediatric surgeon - we went & saw the surgeon on FRI & due to the cyst being right in the middle of our babies head we now have to go to westmead childrens hosp & have an ultrasound & dobbler ( sp?) on the cyst this coming wed - we are SO SO SO worried - The prediatrician just wants to be sure that the cyst isnt really deep etc - but we are out of our minds with worry - had anyone else had any experience with this ? Would REALLY appreciate some advice -
No personal experience and no matter what ppl say you are going to worry about your little man! I only hope to set your mind at rest a little by reassuring you they will only be checking how deep it is under the skin so they know how to go about attacking it once he's in theatre, rather than going in "blind".
My dh had a cyst in his neck when he was young and had a similar experience.
Good luck, keep us posted! Everything will be fine, you'll see.

Dizie, 2 girls, 2002 & 2003

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