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New to the forum Lock Rss

Hi all,

I am new to this forum & new to motherhood, ok have been a mum now for 8 months but still feel v. new.

I have been on an American forum in the past when I was preggers & then when my son was a new born but found that the time differences made communication difficult.

I am 33 with a ds who is 8 months old, work 3 days a week and I'm looking forward to sharing with you all.

Thought I should introduce myself before I started posting.
Hi Kerrie

Nice to meet you.

I am 28 with 3 month old Madeline. It has been a steep learning curve for my husband and I as Madeline was born 6 weeks premature. Everything was ok with her, she was just very keen to come into the world.

Look forward to reading you postings in the future.


Hi Kerrie and Jo,

My name is Jodi, I am 27 and my son Joshua is 1. Joshua was delivered through an emergency cesear (epidural) after 10 hours of labour. I didn't get to see him for 12 hours as was in the NICU and I wasn't allowed out of bed. Hubby had a polaroid taken and bought it up to me so I could see our gorgeous boy. All is well now and he is bright bubbly into everything little boy.
Happy Parenting tongue

1 wonderful boy 6 and another on the way

Hi Jo & Piglet,

Thought I should give some more info, so used to the american short hand in their forums.

My son Benjamin was born in 2.5 hours. I had no starting contractions, my waters broke & I was fully into it & was 8cm dialated by the time I got to hospital. Fast & furious. I went into shock because it was so intense & I had no idea what to expect as he is my first child.

He was in special care nursery for 4 days in respitory distress as the quick labour didn't expel all the amniotic fluid from his lungs.

Anyway, he is happy & healthy now apart from some yucky ezcema which I'm having a tough time dealing with so it's a blessing to be able to read what you guys have experienced too!!
Hi Kerrie

Thought that your experience was so similar to mine that I would tell you mine. Oscar was born 4 weeks early in 1 hour 20 mins with no starting contractions. My waters broke and contractions started 10 mins later at 3 mins apart. 20 Mins later, I was in hospital fully dilated .

Like Benjamin, Oscar was in the nursery for 4 days and we had to leave hospital without him - a really hard time. Needless to say we were in lots of shock

My second delivery was threatened at 27 weeks and after 3 months of bed rest, I delivered at full term with a half hour labour. Having been 5 cm dilated for the entire last month of pregnancy, it was a hairy time.

We now have two very healthy boys - although one with chronic reflux. It is great to see what other people go through and nice to feel normal!
Hey Katie,

Wow, 4 weeks early & 1hr 20!!! That's amazing, you would have had a double whammy considering you weren't expecting to go into labour littleown going into it full throttle! Did you go into shock?

Benjamin was 2 weeks late so I was sooooooo over it by the time I had him.

One of the girls in my mothers group had her first baby the same as us but in 45minutes!! She was out for a walk around the block & her waters broke & 45min later, there was Reece. She JUST made it to the hospital in time.

The midwives told me to camp in the hospital grounds for the next one - hee hee.
I am also new to the forum here.

I am 29 years old and went back to work when Ebony was 10 weeks old she's now 6 month and 2 weeks old). Her Dad looks after her when I am at work.

Does anyone have advice on formulas????
Hello to everyone
I am new to this forum as well. I am 22 & I have a little girl who is almost 5 months old. she can into this world in 3 1/2 hours. She has had her share of trouble already. She was born with trush in her mouth, then she had to stay in hospital for four days with juandice. Two weeks later she developed ruflux, three weeks later she was back in hospital with meningitis. then she developed colic, then an ear infection. Then when we thought she was in the clear she got a chest infection. And the whole time this was going on she has been teething since she was two months old, but no teeth have come through yet. We are just playing the waiting game now. It can olny get better from here ( I hope anyway). I look forward to sharing with everyone
My boy is on S26 but he want drink next one to this because it make him very sick thats the one you go when they are 6mouths so kepe him on the infant fomula i just give hime more solid each day . what have you try let formula...let me know what you have try........xxxx good luck

[email protected] plainland qld


Have you asked at the clinic what you should do? I wonder why the S26 follow on formula is making Ethan sick. It's a good idea to check with your doctor or with the clinic nurse.

Just think, in a few months, you won't have to worry anymore about formula & he can drink milk.

Please let me know how you go.
Email me with your Email address and i can talk to you I got a 8 mouth boy name Ethan he was 8 mouths on the 30 july wehen was your do you have a boy or a girl let me know Email is [email protected] any time you like..
johanne 27 mum and love it very well....,.,.

[email protected] plainland qld

Hi Kerrie - havent seen you around for a long time (speaking of that American forum - its kath). How are you and Benjamin doing?? We are well - Bellas growing (slowly - wont eat properly) - you should see her now. We have a website if your interested in having a look -

I'd love to see photos of your little man. Take care
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