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Having a COLD and wont eat and only drink little. and cough real bad at nite! Lock Rss

Hi, William is having his first cold at the moment and it is really hard on both of us. He cough to start of with and then have runny nose and blocked nose as well. Sometimes his body temperature jump up to 38 degrees and i always keep an eye on him. At the moment he wouldnt eat anything solid or just a tiny bits of bread. and he started taking some milk yesterday but after 20 mins or so, he would have diarrhea. This happened 3 times so far. and happen after his milk intake. would he be lactose intolerant now??? or this is just a temporary thing? And i've been giving him panadol, fess (to clear his blocked nose) and dimetapp. and just bought baby vicks to rub on his chest.

At night he is coughing so bad and i'm not sure that would lead to brocholitis. he is coughing trying to get rid of the heavy phlegm. took him twice to the doc and and was told just to keep an eye on him. Any mothers out there can pls give me some advice?.

Voon, Vic, Mum's to William & David

Hello. My daughter has been sick with the bad "smokers" cough for 1 week now. Last thursday i took her to the doc and she told me to get dimetapp. So i've been giving her that. My daughter hates panadol or any medicine. Everytime i gonna give it to her i gonna pin her down and block her nose to drink it. (just like me when i was a baby). Anyway the doc said if my daughter's cough didnt go by monday. I would have to return. So i return to the docs on monday and i got "AMOXIL" for kids. It smells yummy actually brings back memories of me having it when i was a baby and you get free stickers WHERES THE STICKERS NOW! So i've been giving her that 3 times a day and 2 1/5mls and she actually likes it. A SHOCKER but yes and shes so much better just alittle cough she has now. As for her blocked nose i spray the salt baby nose spray in her nose every nappy change. And at night i rub baby vicks on her chest back and neck. And i have brought a vapouriser for her room. She has been eating less from her soilids while shes been sick. And sleeps alot. Hope this helps

Karen - Jasmine 14/1/05 & Damon 31/1/07

Hi Voon,
Try and keep his fluid intake up, if milk isn't going down, try water or baby juice. Otherwise he can get quite dehydrated. My little one was sick recently and all I seemed to do was keep poking her juice bottle in her mouth, as she refused any milk all together, as it was too much of an effort for her to breathe thru her mouth and suck, due to a blocked nose. Good luck and I hope your little fella is better soon!

DD1 July 2004 DD2 August 2007 DS September 2009

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