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turned eye&so many things to worry about Lock Rss

hi i have a 8 1/2 mth old daughter who has a turned eye i knew she had one since she was born cause it runs in my family i dont have one but family members do but over the last 2 weeks it has just got so bad it turns everyday sometimes all day i have been to the docs and off to the specialist next week they say they might put a patch on the good eye or they may operate has anyone else had this problem with any of there children? and what did they do to fix it? my poor daughter nothing seems to go right for her we have been to so many clinics since she was born she has had hip problems, neck problems she has overlapping toes which have to be operated on and then took her for a hearing test the other day and she has fluid in one ear sometimes i wonder what did i do for my child to deserve all this i just dont want her to get picked on anyone elses child have fluid in there ears?what do they do for this? any advice would be great thanx
Nat, I'm sorry you have had to deal with so much already. Your daughter is a very special little one, and she is very lucky to have you.

I had a turned eye myself when I was a kid and it wasn't picked up until I was nearly three, so I had a patch and then an operation, followed by glasses and prisms. My eye is fine now. My daughter has to go to the specialist next month because they think she may have a turned eye too. So I did some reading the other day and they say the earlier treatment begins the better, so your little one is off to a great start. Try not to worry about this one, a turned eye can be corrected, my treatment started late and I was fine.

What did they hearing specialist tell you about the fluid in the ear? Fill me in on the eye specialist visit since we'll be there ourselves soon and I'd love to know what they do.

Thinking of you and your little one

Karen, mum to Gabrielle 1/9/03, #2 edd 24/8/05

Hey Nat, I also had a turned eye which needed to be operated on as a kid - all is fine now so dont worry smile!!

Kellie, WA

hi karen thanx very much for your reply u have made me feel so much better knowing that being on to it early is the best thing well i am just waiting for tuesday to come so then i know what they are going to do.
well when she had the hearing test they said the fluid in her ear could be from a number of things cause the tubes to there ears are so narrow so anythink such as a runny nose or because she is teething cause her gums are swallon could be causing it but i have to just wait and see that it goes away and pray it does.
we have to go back to the surgeon about her toes when she is 1 to see when they will operate on them i will keep you posted on how we go on tuesday thankyou for putting my mind at ease abit hope to here from you again seeya
Howdy I also had a turned in eye and had an operation when I was 18 months old to correct it ! I have had to wear glasses all my life, but nothing to do with the squint ! MY cousin and a friends daughter both also have a turned in eye and wear little glasses to try and fix it before turning to surgery. One is 18 months old the other was 2 when they had to get the glasses...Also I was interested in what you meant by your babies toes as my daughter has a toe in a funny kind of position on both feet , it is her middle toe...The doctors at the hospital assured me her toes werent deformed or anything, but that it was just the way she holds them if that makes sense....Its kinda hard to explain lol, but the exact same toe on each foot is kind of bent downwards lower than the other ones ...If I could i would send you a pic lol Anyway good luck with everything, im sure your little angel will be fine smile

Lisa SA mum to beautiful haley born 27/9/03

hi thanx for your reply well my daughters lil toe has grown over the toe next to it and therefore it has caused the other toe to bend so it is under all of her other toes it is quite hard to explain to but they think it might of been caused because she layed on the one side while in the womb and the toes have been squished so they have just formed like that but her lil toe is like back from all the other toes it is quite strange but they are cute and then her toes next to the big toes are abit longer then the big toes but that dosent matter. well the doctors didnt even pick up on her toes at all i didnt notice them till a week after i got home from hostpital and i was quite shocked they hadnt noticed. but when they operate they are just going to cut this lil bit so it will go back to where it is meant to be but with the lil toe i think it will have to stay where it is. i dont think it is going to affect her walking cause when she stands they seem to starighten out abit. so you have taken your daughter to the docs with her toes? i had to go to a pedatriciton so maybe u should get them checked again by a pedatrition and see what they say. well anyway do your friends and cousins lil one pull the glasses off all the time thats all i can think about if caprice has to have glasses? let me know if you get her toes looked at again and tell me what they say i would be interested to see what they say anyway goodluck seeya nat how old is your daughter?
hi well just an update went to the specialist today and all went pretty well he said that caprices right eye was lazy which i already knew anyway he done a test to see weather she would need glasses or not but he didnt seem to think she would but you never know she might need them later on hopefully not though. she has to wear a patch on her good eye so the other one starts to work she has to have a patch on everyday for 2hrs for 6wks in six weeks i go back and see him and he will see if it has improved or not but he said it should work so i am hoping it time before i visit him i have to put drops in her eyes for three days before i go twice a day i aint sure what they do but must do something today they put these drops in before i seen the specialist and it makes there vision go blurry for awhile caprice was squinting trying to see all the way home poor lil bugger so karen when are you going to the specialist? i will keep you posted on how we go the worst thing will be putting the patches on it cost me 20 bucks for 20 patches and you cant reuse them anyway bye
Hi Nat, how did it go at the specialist? Have been thinking of you

Karen, mum to Gabrielle 1/9/03, #2 edd 24/8/05

hi karen have you been to eye specialist yet?
Howdy sorry I havent replied, havent had much of a chance to get on the net.....Its good news that your little one doesnt need the glasses yet as yes it can be hard keeping them on there head lol both my cousin and my friend had to get elastic on the glasses but of course they still ripped the glasses was a bit of a nightmare for the mums forever putting them back on ...Anyway hopefully you wont have to face that prob......As for Haleys toes I think I will get the doctor to check them out tomorrow when I take her for her shots sad By the way do you have people constantly commenting about your babies toes ????? I have had to actually say something to some family members....Told them to shut up and that there was nothing wrong with her toes and to LEAVE them alone lol Anyway i LOVE her toes LOL Im sure they are fine as I can flatten them out without a problem so im sure there wont be any probs when she has to start wearing shoes.....Anyway must go Haley wants a feed smile Let us know how your baby fairs with the patches smile

Lisa SA mum to beautiful haley born 27/9/03

hi haleys mum how are you? well caprice absoulutely hates having the patches on she grizzles the whole time unless u are keeping her amuzed but it is even worse getting the damn things off cause they are sticky and they hurt to rip off but anyway still got a fare while to go yet it has only been 2 wksanother 4 to go.
well not many ppl take much notice of caprices toes which is supriseing cause they are quite noticeable i dont care anyway what other ppl think i love her and her toes and her eye no matter what they look like.
well anyway let me know what the doctor says about her toes? seeya goodluck nat
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