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My poor bubba has nappy rash more often than not! Lock Rss

My nearly 10 month old gets a nappy rash, we finally get rid of it only to get another one a day later. Sometimes it just about clears up and than flares up again. It is often so bad that it bleeds. I use Daktozen, Curash, Bepanthan, Sudocream and have tried cornflour, but nothing seems to work. I don't know if I should take her to the dr, but think that he will just tell me what I already know. Any ideas would be much appreciated!
The best thing for nappy rash is to give them as much nappy free time as possible every day so that the skin airs and drys naturally. Apparently the powders are actually bad for it. My boy often got nappy rash when he was v young, I would let him kick around without a nappy in a sunlit room for a while. Also dermaveen excema cream can help to sooth it. You could also try lucas paw paw ointment as a barrier cream, I find it works better than bepanthan. If it is really bad though you may want to take bub to the doc as it may be infected?

paw paw cream is fantastic, can be bought at most chemists. A natural product, has many uses.
At times I also spray on aloe vera spray, also natural, can be bought in a pump pack.

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We don't use nappy wipes - they all have chemicals in them. We use nappy liners and either wet them or put a little hydroderm on them. We also us QV products in the bath as most other products have nasty chemicals in them as well.

What about foods? Have you noticed if certain foods make it worse? My DD#1 used to get a very burnt bottom from citrus fruits and juices.

Good luck
I took my little girl to the Dr a week or so ago because i was worried about nappy rash. She recommended Hydrozole cream with Sudocream over the top. I also started using Curash and in about 7 days she has a rash free bum again.
I think you can buy hydrozole over the counter.

Hope this helps
Sorry I had just written this big spiel about Dactozin and then realised I am a twit!
Never mind, just read your post again and saw you used Dactozin and no success there. Hmmm......wish I had some other thoughts, sorry.

[Edited on 13/09/2007]

Have you tried Canesten cream?? More often than not if your little girl has a rash that won't go away with regular cream its most likely thrush. My DD used to get it all the time and still does if she drinks/eats oranges or orange juice.
My 'miracle' product at the moment is Pinetarsol
i discovered it for my girls accidentally,
I used it when i had the chicken pox and it helped my itching and took the redness away from my babies creases and armpits.
You buy it from chemists - it stinks and turns the bath bright yellow... but it helped me.

I have been using Johnson's Baby powder with pure cornstarch and aloe & vitamin E it absorbs any excess moisture and it keeps him dry. I use it every nappy change and he hasn't had any nappy rash since.

Yep i agree that Paw Paw cream is so good in healing nappy rash. My daughter had it really bad recently and as soon as i applied creams such as Bepanthen etc it wouldn't do anything to help the rash. However as soon as i used the paw paw ointment it started to help almost straight away.

Highly recommend.


try giving your little one a bath with a bit of vinegar in it. I do it for my little one and it clears it pretty quick. my neighbour also uses it for her little girl who gets welts from nappy rash and it works for her too.

good luck
[Edited on 16/09/2007]

mummy of 3 boys

just putting my two cents in - paw paw ointment is better than any nappy rash cream i've tried.

i would be off to the doc though...


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