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Immunization Lock Rss

I am about to have my children immunized with the free/goevernment paid menningicocal vaccine. Has anyone else done this and were there any side effects?



Yes i had my son done and in my cause no side effects but i know a mum whos son had no feeling in his legs for a day or so but soon over came this problem. his totally fine know. i consider our selfs lucking that we are able to vaccine our children aganist the horrible things. and it is very low risks of your child having any side effects and want to have my son done for chicken pox but i'm expecting so i can't but will asap.

goodluck childrens health should always came first!

Tracy, NSW,12mth & expecting

I've also had my 1yr old boy vaccinated against this, it didn't seem to affet him at all, but I haven't had his brother done yet.

It does make you wonder though, what is in these vaccinations to immunise against the diseases.
Yes my son has had this immunization and he didn't manifest any particular symtoms at all. If I was to say anything it would be he may have seemed a little bit more grumpey than usual. I have known children to be slighty affected with a temperature and feeling unwell.


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At what age do you start your child with the meningococcal immunization?

Gabriella, Chiara & angel called home

Hi Lily,

My Dr recommended it to be done at 12 months. Although i THINK it can be done from 4 months,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Meningococcal C is on the schedule to be given at 12 months. it's only one shot. Don't forget that there's lots of other strains of meningococcal, esp B which is common and really dangerous so you still need to be vigilant watching out for it. And of course for pneumococcal. I so wish I could afford that vaccine.

Someone asked what's in them. It can vary but is sometimes a dead form of the virus. a live and attenuated form which can't replicate or some small part of the virus like bits of the protein coat that surrounds the DNA or RNA of the virus. I'm less sure about the bacteria ones but something similar I guess. The body then builds up an immune response so that if the real thing gets in the body can easily attack it and kill it without getting sick. I truly believe it's worth it and much safer for my daughter than risking any of the illnesses and also worth it for us as a community as well. I know I'd never forgive myself if Gabby's immunisations weren't up to date and she passed an illness on to a baby who was too young to be immunised. So many of these can be fatal to a young baby.

That's my 2 cents worth in response to a simple question <grin>. One of my many faults.

Karen, mum to Gabrielle 1/9/03, #2 edd 24/8/05

Lets hope that Mr Howard or Mr Latham decide to make pneumococcal vaccine part of the desiganted vaccinations.

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