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jolly jumper good or bad? Rss

hello being a 1st time mum i have been told that jolly jumper are good and also been told they are bad!
as they get on there toes which is bad for when they start walking.... we have one for peter which he loves having a good jump lol

plz feel free to share your thoughts it would be good to hear who is against jolly jumpers who is for them? and y
thanks ali

mum of peter 25/12/04

Hi ali, I reckon there ok, depending on bub. My first daughter didn't overly like it, but I'm going to try my next daughter on one any day now. I think it'll be good for her muscle tone, if you follow the directions properly rah rah rah I can't see the harm. obviously if you leave baby in it all day etc.. there may be a prob. but hey if peter likes it, I think it's great. Also the tippy toe thing, i think is the normal way babies first start to strengten their legs.

Bec, Jamison 3yr and Erin 3/2/05 baby #3 edd 3/12/

Hi ali,

My DD loved her jolly jumper, I think it was nearly the best thing we bought to keep her amused, I also put a hook up outside and she loved that watching the tree's move and the shadows. DD is now 7 months old and crawling and pulling herself up onto everything, and havn't had any problems with her toes, she walks normaly when we hang onto her hands. It would be good if she still played in it would keep her out of mischief for a little while...

Kelly's mum (14/01/05) walking

both my boys loved the jolly jumper.

Bub must be able to hold their own head up (3 months) and they should be able to reach the floor with flat feet (but they usually bend their knees and stand on tippy toes).

Start them for just a few minutes for the first few days, then increase the time as their muscles strengthen.

Sarah, Mum of 2 boys

My 5 month old has used a jolly jumper since she was 3 months old and absolutely loves it. She bounces like mad, turns around, smiles and giggles. As we don't have many door frames, I put it in the doorframe of the pantry and do what I need to do in the kitchen. It entertains her for ages, uses up some energy, strengthens her muscles and keeps her happy if she's grumpy. She's quite often grumpy in the late afternoon, so I put her in it then and start preparing tea. I love it! I've told the person that gave it to us that I am buying her one when she has a baby! It is the best thing my daughter has, but not the most expensive.

WA, daughters born May 2005 and June 2007

hi ali...i brought my daughter a jolly jumper but I found that it cut the circulation off in one of her arms so I don't use it anymore...

Kelly (23) Brisbane, mum to Tahlia 11months

HI All
i absolutly LOVE my jolly jumpers as a mum fo 6 mth twin boys that short time of them being entertained is heaven...........i place them in two ajoining dorways with their sheepskin under them to protect their little toes and they go off like a frog in a sock!...................i must say though i do feel that they should only used for short amount of time and NEVER unattended! happy jumping to all
hi all,
i personally don't have a jolly jumper but did think of buying one. I do know of some mums who leave their babies in it for long periods of time, especially 1 does when she cannot be bothered dealing with bub.
A friend of our families is a chiro and has said that they are not advised as they can damage the legs and spine as these bones are still very fragile. Again with our mhn but i think they all disagree on the use of a jj.
Callum actually has what we call a jiggle bug which in essence is a big car that supports him all around and his legs touch the base but is still fully supported in the seat by a base under the seat.
He can turn around 360 in this and it has lots of objects for him play with with and it does also bounce.
I know the jumpers come with a strong claw grip but have heard a horror story of 1 that come of and bub was hurt quite badly, but then again as a mum you hear all the horror stories. Really not sure whether i should get my son 1. Sorry for the essay but this does seem to be an issue for parents and everyone has heard all the stories.
One other point, all these post seem to be pro jj, any negs, and why other that mhn advice. Any mum actually had a prob with these? Also at 5 nearly 6mths is the bub to old to go in these. Does it have a recommended amount of time use? Hope this does not offend anyone, not meant to. I would also love to hear all the input. Good luck

Jodie, mum to callum-10.8.05 & matthew-1.03.07

I have heard that paediatricians do not recommend them as babies bounce on their toes when their in them, and this can cause them to walk on their toes in the future. (I think you would have to put your child in one for ages for that to happen). Friends of ours have one for their child and he loves it. DD has been in one and enjoyed it, however we bought her a "Bouncy Baby Play Place" by Safety First instead. It is a similar product (ie bounces) but has a solid floor, has lots of activities on it which keep her entertained and occupied, keeps her safe in one location and gives me time to run around the house with a vaccuum etc. When on special you can pick them up at Target for around the same price as a Jolly Jumper. The other advantage to it is that when your child outgrows it, it disassembles and you can make a racing track out of it.

Qld, mum to Madison, born 25/5/05

i have one for my son and he loves it. i am also a first time mum and have heard the same about the walker but i bought one of those as well and he loves sitting up in that to. i believe if they were that bad they would not be in the shops because of being sued. i think it may have happened and they don't know what else to blam it on so don't stress. that foot massage thing sounds great aswell.
those jolly jumpers are so dangerous - so many babies have gotten hurt bumping into the doorframe - especially if you have older kids who think it's a game to give the baby a hard swing (i'm Sure your 3 year old wouldn't do that, but sometimes other children visit and they think a swidren nging baby is a great toy. For 3 of my children I had a Fisher Price Jumperoo - It was perfect. We still love to watch videos of our kids jumping and laughing away. There are good reviews here
I got one second hand for $10 we probably used it twice a week for 5 -10 mins and most of the time I sat with them as they had so much fun it was a shame to miss it. I had a double doorway so no problems with the door frames. Too much of anything is bad and a child spending all day in one will cause problems as it would if they laid flat all day or sat in a baby carrier or exersaucer. Kids love them, and if it gives you 10mins to get dinner on then why not?
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