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Nappy Rash where Skin is slighty cut and smudges of blood Lock Rss

Can anyone suggest the best nappy rash cream/ointment to use for my 8 months old daughter. I have taken her to the Health Nurse and was told to use Daktonzin Cream which works but hasn't cleared the rash. It constantly comes back and I notice its when she has a full nappy from waking up from a sleep that its very red, sometimes the skin is cracked and there are slight smudges of blood on her nappy. It looks very sore but my daughter doesn't cry or causes her any stress. If her nappy is changed frequently it doesn't occur. Any ideas?
You kind of answered your own question!! If it doesn't occur when the nappy is changed frequently - then thats a good start. If urine or poo is left on the skin for a long time - in addition to rubbing on the skin from a bad quality nappy its a good recipe for nappy rash. You could also change what nappies you are using. Sometimes the chemicals used in some disposables can often affect children. You might find that a gentler nappy may help. Many people find that bubs don't get nappy rash if they use cloth nappies. In regards to cream - I try and use chemical free ones as chemicals / medications etc can sometimes make it worse. Pants off time everyday is really good - as much as you can!!! Chemical free wipes is also a great preventative. If you have to buy disposable wipes then unperfumed, alchol free, chemical free wipes are the best. Personally I bought 2m of nappy flannelet, cut them into roughly 10cm x 10cm squares and use these. I just have a tub of water on the shelf of her change table and dip the wipe in that. Then I use one to dry her backside. I wash them with her nappies. Eventually I'll get an even gentler material. This also saves HEAPS of money as well as being environmentally friendly. The only time she has ever had a rash was when she had diahorea and we were going through about 15 nappies in a day. I hope this has given you some ideas and that you find a solution that works for you!!
[Edited on 05/10/2007]
My son is going through th same thing at the moment but has had diarrhoea from antibiotics. Use canestan cream it clears up the rash. The pharmacist told me that daktozin is weak and wont clear up the rash. Good luck.
Hi ,
My DD is also going through the same thing. One of the post did mention the type of nappy that you use could be making the proble worse. I wasn't aware of this until my DH spoke to the pharmasist(sp ?) and he said the same thing. I also had my dr give me a script for sigmacort ointment and I have used hydrozole ( can't be used on broken skin). I think that my DD is suffering from bad nappy rash as I think she may be teething. I'd try a different nappy and speak to your GP for the best treatment.
Hope you find this info helpful.

my son had the same thing i got used Zink and Castor oil cream and it worked like a treat he dosent have nappie rash asy more but i still put it on after every nappie change,

hope this helps

i was given the cream in a gift pack so i dont no were toget it from but the brand is orion

Dan is now 9 months grin

Thanks Ladies for all your suggestions.

My baby girls rash is getting better and I constantly put cream after a nappy change. I couldn't possible change her nappies she only wears Huggies! Anyway, I think its to do with teething and quite possible solid foods as I am introducing her to new things to try. She is growing up too quickly and just full of personality now. I just adore her!
hi pinab,
I use DESATIN nappy cream. My daughter had a terrible rash too and I tell you this cream was my saviour. Noting else worked. I love the stuff! Goodluck, let me know how u go.
My daughter had the same problem, tried all the other creams but they didn't work for that long. Now I use Lucas paw paw ointment works a treat has it cleared up the next day.

Hi Vicsta, are presently using the Desitin and its working a treat. Thanks for the suggestion!
zinc and castor cream all the time. works better than anything else i've tried.
my pharmacist suggested using a burnaid cream wen my ds had really bad nappy rash. he also said to put it in the fride as the cold is soothing][img]

I use the pink J&J cream at every nappy change, just squirt a little on, you dont need much, and dont rub it in, as I have found that this acts like a barrier and prevents wee/poo from sticking and irritating the skin. Makes it alot easier to clean aswell. I also sometimes use bepethan (sp?) cream and chemist suggested using canestan when it was really bad. Canestan clears it up pretty quick, but since I have been using a little pink cream at each change my DS hasnt had any big rashes in ages.

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