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Chesty Noise Lock Rss

When my 4 month old son had his first lot of needles at 2 months he ended up with a cold the following day.
Since then he has had a chesty rattle not in his chest but at the back of his throat and nose.
Our family doctor said it was nothing to worry about as most babies get this and they grow out of it but at 4 months he still has it.
We brought him some nose drops to loosen the mucus and make it easier for him but this is only a temporary fix.
When he is asleep or eating you don't hear him, but when he gets excited or upset this is when everyone can hear him. His a happy little chappy and you can see it does not bother him one bit at all.
I would just like to hear from others who have had this with there little ones and what they did to overcome it..
hi, my eldest daughter had a chesty rattle for ages when she was a baby, i cant remember when she grew out of it but she was at least 6 months old. my new baby had it when she was new born but she has grown out of it now and she is 8 months. dont worry, get use to every one saying that he has a cold!!
Hi, thank-you so much for e-mailing me back I really started to worry thinking no-one else has this problem.
Its good to finally know that there is another mum out there with the same thing.
I am too use to telling everyone that he has a cold as I just can't be bothered explaining to every tom dick and harry what its from.
He is slowly starting to quieten down now so hopefully like your children by the time he is 6 months he will be over it. So thanks again.
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