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Nappy Changing Tips

Share your tips for making nappy change time fun for your baby.

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My baby had a terrible nappy rash. The doctor sent me to the rch as he didn't know what to suggest after steroid cream didn...


Your Parenting Tips

Hi to all our members, The Huggies team would like to hear about some of your parenting tips you...

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My tip is when the two of mine are fighting, ages 5 and 6 (boy and girl) I make them sit on the back steps and hold hands for 5 mins...


Your Safety Tips

What a great resource Huggies Mums are, on all sorts of topics. Can you share any safety tips wit...

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make sure there aren't any small pieces and that nothing can come off of it to prevent choking. I try to get plastic toys the b...


Huggies Jumbo Nappies Boxes - NEW ZEALAND

To all our valued Huggies members in New Zealand; two years ago we increased the number of nappie...

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i should say thank you as i'm sure in the next year we will start buying these..


Huggies Jumbo Nappies Boxes - AUSTRALIA

To all our valued Huggies members in Australia, we wanted to let you know about some important ch...

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Hi I am a member in Huggies mum chat. I am a Qualified childcare worker having 7 years experienc...

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Hi Ssjsakthi! I just want you to know that our company is badly in need of your outstanding garde bébé service. How can we contact y...


Going out with your baby for the first time - what was it like for you?

What was it like when you went out in public by yourself with your baby for the first time? For m...

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I am totally with Storm. We now have a 2 1/2yr old and a 7mth old and when I'm out with both of them I just take the one baby b...


Nappy Fail

We have been using Huggies nappies ever since our daughter was born. She is now 9 months old and ...

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Our Customer Service Centre who will be happy to help you out: Our team of service staff are available to take your calls between t...


Nanny Care

Although all our staff from are qualified and competent, we realize that keepin...

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Itching for help with childhood eczema?

Thank you so much for this information. My 6 month old son was diagnosed with eczema at 4 month...

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Is this forum still active?


Your guide to stroller safety

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Baby monitor for twins?

Hello guys, I am new member into this forum. Opened my account here few minutes ago. I am a moth...

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Actually I am looking for video monitor not audio. If you know about a good one please recommend.


Child Care Provider

We are convinced that a competent nanny is someone to listen to children, garde bébé is not a job...

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Whether it's singing a soothing song or bub's favourite silly face, how do you make change time with bub fun?

Tell us what you do!

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How to make your baby warmer in winters and how to bath new born?

Hello friends we have a new baby in our family. She is a cute and beautiful girl. Her name is Ria...

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Thank you for your suggestion .


Essential health checks for your baby

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SMS Your Baby

This Really worked for my little one, thank you so much.

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I have found some great tips for my baby from here


Tips for coping with a new baby Have you got any of your own to add?

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it gets easier and easier, just remember that, next week will be a bit better, next month will be a lot better and next year your be...


Need to update your baby's nursery or playroom? Check out these inspiring designs!

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Baby skin care tips

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Puppy pads as change mats?

Hey Everyone, So I was wondering if anyone else out there has thought of using puppy training pa...

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To be honest I could never see the point of using change mats. A waste of money and resources in my opinion. I had a reusable one wh...


6 month constipation

Hi. My six month old has been on solids about a month now just two meals a day but he went from ...

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To be honest I was lazy and just bought the juice. I just diluted it in a bit of water (he wouldn't have it otherwise) and gave...


Constipation in babies

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Baby massage

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Comforting tips for a crying baby

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If the baby is not breastfeeding, I would prefer to use pacifier, it indeed helps a lot to relieve stress in them. For younger babie...


Unexpected surprises

Hi, 18 week old son and I'm sick of playing catch up! 4 month sleep regression and 17 week f...

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Adoption info???

Hi so we have three boys and instead of myself falling pregnant due to so many issues I suffer wi...

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Hi thanks for responding but we live in vic so that doesn't apply for us good luck tho:)



hi all, I have a nearly 6 week old healthy baby boy. He's gaining weight well etc. have be...

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I honestly think it's little early to set up a routine for 6 week old. Also I agree, 1 hourly feeding can lead to spilling. Try...


Baby HATES being in the car?!

My baby is 8 weeks old and absolutely hates the car, she just screams! I have tried sitting in th...

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My son was like this for months in the car! I can't remember when it stopped but sometime around the 6 month age he started to ...


3 month old twins whinging a lot

Hi, new to this forum, I have 3 month old twin boys and a 22month old son, my twins seem to const...

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Mimos Pillow or Cranial Helmet???

Hi everyone, My son is almost 5 months old and has a mild flat spot on the back of his head. My h...

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Sharing the love- Cheap Bambino Mio Cloth nappies on Amazon.

Hi all, just thought I'd let you know that Amazon UK have cheap one size fits all Bambino Mi...

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Modern Cloth Nappies

Hi Everyone. I am curious I am about to have my 4th baby & over the course of having my othe...

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Hi, I have a 5 month old baby and we have been using modern cloth nappies since 3 months. My son is still too small for them, even ...


summer baby clothing??

hi ladies! i am due to have bub#2 in nov. (dd was an end of march bub). i am just going through a...

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Hi all, I am a first time mum and my baby is due in mid July. Recently I have asked my friends on the must buy for new bub. One told...

~Mel A~

Old style cloth nappies...

Does anyone use them...and I mean as nappies and not just spew cloths etc. Just curious. If you ...

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Old cloth nappies are good to use again and again .....Cloth nappies are durable and long lasting - after all, they are designed to ...


Disposable Nappies vs Cloth Nappies

Hi I only just realised that cloth nappies have little clips on them and you dont have to fold t...

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I think you should go with a cloth nappy.... I am not saying that disposable is not good it also best when we are going outside.. th...


shortage for formula? please sign petition ?

please join my petition i have started. It's been getting harder to find baby formula s26 an...

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I've signed. I'm so mad that the Chinese are taking all our babies formula! I'm just lucky I live in a small country ...


Anyone used Lactulose?

Hi there Has anyone used Lactulose for their baby's constipation, and if so, how long did you us...

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Puansriadidah wrote: Hi, I had been using lactulose with my 2yr old dd, I gave her 10mls a day and was going to reduce the dose when...


What are you most excited to experience as a new parent?

Painting the nursery, choosing a name, their first words?

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Baby Massage

The practice of Baby Massage has been around for many years and is a wonderful way to bond with y...

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Gentle and proper massage can help improve circulation and promotes relaxation in babies. Not only this, it also fosters special bon...