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Your Parenting Tips

Hi to all our members, The Huggies team would like to hear about some of your parenting tips you...

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My tip is when the two of mine are fighting, ages 5 and 6 (boy and girl) I make them sit on the back steps and hold hands for 5 mins...


Your Safety Tips

What a great resource Huggies Mums are, on all sorts of topics. Can you share any safety tips wit...

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make sure there aren't any small pieces and that nothing can come off of it to prevent choking. I try to get plastic toys the b...


Huggies Jumbo Nappies Boxes - NEW ZEALAND

To all our valued Huggies members in New Zealand; two years ago we increased the number of nappie...

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i should say thank you as i'm sure in the next year we will start buying these..


Nappy Changing Tips

Share your tips for making nappy change time fun for your baby.

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Back in my days we used a peg for our noses when number 2 business had been done And the hole time we would be trying to chuck up ...


Huggies Jumbo Nappies Boxes - AUSTRALIA

To all our valued Huggies members in Australia, we wanted to let you know about some important ch...

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shortage for formula? please sign petition ?

please join my petition i have started. It's been getting harder to find baby formula s26 an...

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I've signed. I'm so mad that the Chinese are taking all our babies formula! I'm just lucky I live in a small country ...


Anyone used Lactulose?

Hi there Has anyone used Lactulose for their baby's constipation, and if so, how long did you us...

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Puansriadidah wrote: Hi, I had been using lactulose with my 2yr old dd, I gave her 10mls a day and was going to reduce the dose when...


What are you most excited to experience as a new parent?

Painting the nursery, choosing a name, their first words?

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Baby Massage

The practice of Baby Massage has been around for many years and is a wonderful way to bond with y...

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Gentle and proper massage can help improve circulation and promotes relaxation in babies. Not only this, it also fosters special bon...


Baby Monitor

Hi! Just after some advice on what's the best Baby Monitor? I'm a first time mum, so e...

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I prefer AngleCare baby monitor.


Carseat recommendations

Hi everyone, I am wondering what sort of carseat you used once baby is out of the capsule? What...

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We love our diono rainer, I really love it because you can rearward face till 20kgs. And forward till 55kg I think. So should do our...


Where are you on Vaccinations?

I met with a lady today who was dead against vaccinations due to her feeling like they had "...

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I am pro vaccinating. I can't think of anything worse than losing a child to an illness that could have been prevented, or to b...


Water Wise

With the warmer months right around the corner we have a great pool safety article on our site, w...

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Advice on Mother in Law as Carer

Hi Everyone This is the first time I have posted on a forum so I am a little bit nervous, but I ...

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My in laws are a bit the same, I have a four month old and and am also looking at options for bubs as I need to go back to work too,...


Invitations & thankyou cards

Not sure where this post should go however I just found a great place where you can get an invita...

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Try, it have baby shower invitations and it also offer digital proof according request, it cost $10.