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Baby Massage Lock Rss


Really I was just wondering who else out there has done or is thinking about baby massage classes. My girl who is just over 3mths old and I had our first class today and it was really enjoyable, not only did it get me out of the house and socialising with other mothers it gave her pampering time. I have read a bit about all its benefits and hope that after the 5wks it will give me ways to help with her wind pain(colic), sleep pattern during the day, and general health really. Has anyone else had any experiences that they can share

Deb, Vic

I did baby massage with my son at about 3 months. We did a set of 4 classes and I also purchased their booklet at the end so I could keep all the sequences straight. I found it benefitted my son no end and we both really enjoy the special time together. Now that he is crawling he doesn't like to stay still long for the body massage but I still do his face(which makes him go all coy) and legs every morning. Or when we are having cuddles I do his feet or hands. I found the colic sequence really helpful too and the stretches are still Ezrah's favourite as he thinks it's a great game.
We did baby massage in mothers group, my son really enjoyed his legs and feet massaged and I found it a good way to settle him when he was really upset.


Danielle, 28, Vic, 1st son born 2/6/03

In Cairns there is Angels Touch Massage classes. I haven't done it but I really want to. Never get around to it I guess.
They are professionals in their field and are brilliant. I know some girls who have done it and their babies totally love it.
If you want to learn, you need to be taught by expects I think. They teach you how to ask your baby if they want a massage or not and they are able to determine the answer by the babies body language. It is awesome.
Hi Sue, definately go to Angels Touch, Debbie and Liz are fantastic! I did my course with them and I think they are great - friendly, laid back and they explain everything in a down to earth way. If you would like a contact number I would be happy to give it to you, and they sometimes advertise in the paper.
Hi Tanith, I have the girls contact numbers and enrolment forms! I just need time!! Thanks anyway
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