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Hi all mums and bubs smile

Huggies are claiming to be the best out there yet there are so many fustrated mums out there that deal with leaks!!

As I started topic "nappy leaks" I realised there are others who are the same boat as I am, having huggies nappies fail on their baby, especially at night.

I want to see how many mums on here are having same issues, and we should somehow let Huggies know, that their product isn't all they claim it to be!

If you dont agree with this fair enough or are happy with huggies, thats good at least its working for you.


Tania and Jaiden

My DS has his nappy on for not much longer than 3hrs at a tme and yet I am now finding I am having to change his whole outfit every 3 hrs because his nappy has leaked and he is wet all over and sometimes he has poo out the sides too! I might try the next size up and see how we go. But still not happy about these leaks!!!

sorry Huggies users, but i love (other branded) nappies! they dont strangle my babys legs, and absorb just as good as Huggies claim to! I did give Huggies a good go (people gave me boxes of huggies when my bub was born god love them) but i quickly switched to the other brands. I find other brands better value also, !
[Edited on 19/11/2007 by Alison]
The best nappies I have ever used were (other brand). I used them while on holiday last year with DD#1 and they were brilliant for a not quite TT 20 month old. I agree - Huggies are not all that - D#2 soaks through clothes to sheets often and poo leaks are common!!!!
[Edited on 10/12/2007 by Alison]
hmm that does sound good value, perhaps i might expirement aldi brand next after i finish using what i have.

a also have (other brand) (or some name like that) I bought which i will experiment with, friend of mine said they are great for night time absorbtion. I shall keep you all posted smile
[Edited on 19/11/2007 by Alison]

Tania and Jaiden

Ive been using (other branded) nappies ever since my son grew out of the Huggies newborns. They have never leaked once with wee or poo! They are a lot cheaper also but the best bit about them is the not leaking.
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I have both of my kids in (other branded) nappies and they are great.. I was using huggies on my daughter and she was leaking out of them all the time so I switched and I havent looked back and the price is great to!
[Edited on 19/11/2007 by Alison]

I got sick of huggies leaking with DS when he was little so changed brands.
Then went back for a while a month ago. They leaked abit (had to change him more often) and I found they were a bad fit.
I even emailed huggies...just wanting them to justify why they say their nappies are the best and why the price...
never got a response.
if you are going to claim your nappies are the best you need to back up your claims with the best nappies, and respond to unhappy customers.
hi kiwi tam,

you are right, if so many mums complain about their nappies they should do something about it, and starting with replying to your emails.

If you read my other post "nappy leaks" also on this section, you will see the administrator has responded and written a section where we can write to them.

Tania and Jaiden

Hi there,

Probably shouldn't be writing this, but I am happy with Huggies. The only time I have found them to leak is when either:

1. His weight is coming up to the weight limit of the nappy, I have gone the next size up and he has had no leaks or

2. When he has drunk so much before bed which has happened twice. He is 7 months old.

We actually use cloth nappies, but we did use disposables for the first few weeks and for us, Huggies were the only ones that we found never to leak. IMO different brands must suit different babies, cos every single time we used the other major brand of disposables we had dreadful leaks, but never with Huggies.
Hi there,

We do have some information on our site which you may find helpful - Q. Why has my baby’s nappy started to leak at night?

Our Customer Advisory Service are also available to register your feedback on our Huggies products.

Whilst we do appreciate your comments on our own products, I kindly ask that you refrain from promoting other brands or nappy systems on our site, which is a rule we have outlined in our terms and conditions.

Kind regards,
Huggies Forum Moderator
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