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Well I just tried new brand of nappies nature **** **** and must say they are so rough and hard and my boy leaked not even after 5 hours of sleeping! They hardly hold poo in! They are meant to be enviro friendly but are not worth the money! For 36 nappies I paid around $25.

The next size up in huggies nappies (toddler) worked much better on my boy!

Tania and Jaiden

I had trouble with the huggies girl nappies leaking a fair bit.
I rang them and they sent me a new packet and I decided to try the boy nappies and I haven't had a problem with leaks since. So my girl wears boy nappies!!
I still find them better overnight than the others.

Kaily 3.1.07 growing up so fast!!

I recently tried a new brand nappy from different store and I must say they work great!

[Edited on 02/01/2008 by Alison]

Tania and Jaiden

We love huggies nappies here.

We buy them on special and they are often as cheap as other brands - this has often worked in our favor.

We did have some early leak problems but this was resolved by changing sizes (up a size) and by actually putting the nappy on properly! We did have some occasions that the flaps around my DS leg were turned in rather than out - more our fault than the nappy!

At night we double up on nappys and havent had to do a night nappy change in months. Huggies is placed closer to his body then we use another nappy over that nappy. That keeps him going for a good 12 hours.

During the day, we do sometimes swap between brands but l am always happy with huggies as they hold alot more.

I have also found that when he is teething and his bottom is a bit more sensitive huggies seems to keep the rash at bay as opposed to other brands of nappies.
I love Huggies nappies and have used them for all 3 of my kids. I found they only leaked when we needed to move up to the next size.

Mum to Holly, Grace & Ava

I love huggies nappies too!

My Very DH hates the price of them though, and when I send him out to buy nappies he always comes home with other brands. GRRRR!!! As soon as she wees or poos she cries non stop. With huggies, she never grizzles in a wet/dirty nappy. (And it isnt like I leave her in a dirty nappy, we are constantly changing her, just the cheap ones it is straight away!). Sometimes she will have a dot of poo on her nappy. With a huggies nappy she doesn't even notice (only I do when i check her nappy) but with the cheapies, the crying starts! We go through twice as many of the cheap nappies as we do the huggies (if not 3x more) so to me it isn't any cheaper in the end! I am trying to tell him that she hates the other nappies, but still fighting the battle!

I only had leaking when bubs was about 5 weeks old, and the newborns were a bit harder to get on. Decided to change the size and no more leaks. but she seemed to be swimming in her nappy. I tried another brand, only because the weight for the nappy seemed to be better for her and they were even smaller then the newborn huggies. So I tried another brand and they were then bigger then the infant huggies.

So now, I buy the nappies, never send DH out to get them! Unless they are on sale and I know he will buy them! But it took me about 3 years to get DH to buy decent toilet paper, rather then the sandpaper type! It seems men don't care what goes on their bottoms! LOL

I just wish the infant nappies came in boxes. She is going to be in them for a while and they are much more convenient in a box, and cheaper.

I also agree with other posts about complaining about huggies when you are obviously happy with the to be using their site. Yes you can have a whinge, but if you are really that disgruntled with a product, make a stand: write your letter and if no action is taken, boycott them. By using their site you are being a bit of a hypocrite. Sorry to offend people but I think this site and the products are wonderful. If i hated the products, I would go to another site (there are plenty out there!).
I would love to use other brand nappies as huggies are quite exspensive, my daughter is only 11 months and im due my 3rd in march, so buying them is going to cost a fortune.But when ever i try another brand it leaves her red rore and her clothes are soaked with in 1-2 hrs. I've tried snugglers, you'll love coles,and another but cant remember which.


I love huggies nappies! They are the only ones that don't leak everywhere meaning I have to change her completely. I did find though that the infant size didn't fit my DD very well and had a few probs with them.
I use a combination of huggies and cloth nappies. I use huggies mainly at night and have had no problems with them leaking.
I Love huggies nappies but find them too expensive so we only use them at night for our boys and a cheaper brand through the day. both my boys sleep all night and i found with cheaper brands, they would be wet through their pjays and sheets etc but I can honestly say, Huggies nappies are the only ones that have not. actually, my husband only noticed the other morning after changing ds1's nappy after waking that the nappy was so heavy from wee's and was amazed his clothes weren't wet or that the huggies nappy was still intact and not falling off him. sorry guys, but swear by them for night but as I mentioned earlier, due to the price of them, we can't afford to have both our boys in these nappies all the time.

3 gorgeous children to love forever

im the same i use another brand of nappies cause i think that huggies are to pricey.the brand that i use is fine and i have never had a leaking prob and they are affordable.i find to that boys wee at the front and girls wee up the back so i use a unisex nappy which work great for me.
Never have any probelms with Huggies nappies. I love them!
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