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Honestly, I never had a problem with huggies when my DD was in them (they use them in the hospital special care nursery for premmie/sick babies).

I use a different brand now simply because they are cheaper. When huggies are on special I buy them.

Anyway, I found this site for those who want a look:

On another side, I do like the little swimmer nappies, never had a problem with them either, though the price could be better lol.
I agree with a couple of the other posts. It's pretty slack coming on here bagging Huggies and trying to promote other brands. Sure, if you have a complaint about a product contact the company but not on a public forum.

If you don't like the way Huggies nappies perform, or the cost - simple, don't buy them. I've tried lots of different baby products, from nappies, to wipes, to lotions. It's all personal choice and what works for one Mum won't work for another. It's no different to any other product in the supermarket.

I personally love Huggies nappies - on sale they are very well priced and after trying several other nappies when I couldn't get Huggies on sale I have finally given up and exclusively buy Huggies. I have never had major leak issues. If the nappy is the right size, and put on correctly it shouldn't leak.

Joanne, WA, DD 22.05.06 & DS 04.10.07

I don't think it's slack at all. I tried sending Huggies an email and got no reply until I came onto the forum and replied to this thread.

THEN Huggies felt compelled to reply.

I tried going up one size. I DO put the nappy on correctly (or do I need to have a degree in nappy changing?) Still had upteen leaks.

I have since changed to a few other brands and haven't looked back as they have done their job and haven't leaked, thank god. I was losing it when I was trying to cope with a new baby AND having to change her 8 times a day AND having to change the bedsheets every second day AND all the resulting laundry.Not to mention the outfits I had to throw out because they were stained and I couldn't get the stains out for the life of me.

Why should I not come onto the forum if I have had a bad experience with one of their products? I voiced my frustration, changed brands and am rapt with having one problem solved. I like the forum, I check it once in does that make me a hypocrite? I am not complaining about the forum community, only one section of Huggies products.

Last I checked, freedom of speech and customer reviews (good or bad) were still valued.

As a side observation, I noticed (with a chuckle) that wherever someone refers to another brand in a positive light, it is edited by a mod but when other brands are referred to negatively, the brand name stays untouched in the post.
Sorry, I'm just amused with marketing/advertising these days lol (and I used to work in an advertising company lol.)
[Edited on 26/01/2008]
I have not found any problems with leakage with Huggies nappies and have found them to be more absorbent than all the other (cheaper)brands that I have tried.

The only problem I have found is that I have had to move up a size well before reaching the recommended weight for each size. For example my 5 month old daughter who weighs 7-7.5kg no longer fits into the crawlers and is now wearing the toddler size.

Has anyone else found this was the case?
We only had problems with leakage when we have had to move up a size, and yes, we have always had to move up a lot quicker than the suggested sizes.
DS was only around 8 kgs when we moved him up to walkers (supposedly 13-18kgs). We have just bought some more walkers on special today, but i have a feeling within a month or two we will have to go up to juniors for nights, and they're supposed to be 16+. We have had a couple of wet nights in the last few weeks when he's slept through.
Yeah, I only this week moved my DD up to toddler sized nappies and she weighs around 7kg's now (I'm guessing, she last got weighed around the 8th of January and she weighed 6.6 kg then lol).
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