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What nappy cream should I use Rss

Hi everyone,
I Live in Perth and have been using Nappy Mate Paste, a local product. Not especially happy with it any more. Takes the redness away but has left the rash which I am finding difficult to clear up. It's like a scale on my little girl's skin that seems impossible to remove. She is nearly five months old and I give her as much nappy free time as I can but would like to try something different. Have been reading some good things about paw paw ointment, but it seems the petroleum based ones like the Lucas brand are to be avoided!
Can anyone recomment creams or techniques that have worked for them??
Thank, Danielle
Hi Danielle

I use covitol cream on Erynn's bot bot when needed. Its fish oil based and clears it up within an hour or two. I just buy it from the chemist and its not too expensive.

You might want to look at what nappies you are using, frequency of changes, the wipes and whatever other products may touch their backside. You probably need to find what keeps causing it as well as a good cream for when it arises!
Many of the disposable nappies and wipes have bleaches, chlorine, fragrance and various other chemicals in them, all of which can potentially cause nappy rash. Especially if bubs has quite sensitive skin. Imagine a warm humid environment plus chemicals, its a recipe for nappy rash! You could try changing nappy brand or using a cloth nappy made with natural fibres - NOT SYNTHETIC. You can get friendlier disp. nappies although I have no idea what they are like and there is a whole range of natural lotions and bath stuff you could try.

I hope you work it out!
If your little one gets a really bad nappy rash. Use Zinc and Castor oil from the chemist. i found that it cleared it up within couple of hours. My GP recommended it.

It costs about $3 for a jar.


DESITIN nappy ointment is fantastic. The rash is gone in a few hours. It can be purchased over the counter at any pharmacy.

Snugglepot and Cuddlepie!!

There's one that you can get at Coles called 'Nappy Rash Paste' that works so well. It's in a white tub with blue writing on the label.
Sometimes you can use all the preventative measures under the sun but some kids will still get it from time to time. My sone has only had it a few times (he's 17 months) but when it has happened it literally came up between nappy changes and was so bad it almost bled. We hadn't done anything different than usual. The nappy rash paste cleared it completely.
Good luck

I have the Lucas paw paw ointment, but if she gets a rash i just change between different ones...theres 3 different ones, get one with high zinc (oxide i think) in it, the bepanthen baby cream and the paw paw ointment

Daktozin nappy rash cream expensive but is great and will last forever.
HI i used sudocrem when my daughter had a really sore bottom, due to me changing her nappies to snugglers, it left her redrore and dry patches that bleed, so changed straight back to huggies applied the sudocrem and within 3 days her bottom was back to normal, either that or palmers bottom butter.


I find that BEPANTHEN does the best job and so do the huggies nappies, because they draw the wetness away. you can buy bepanthen at coles or at chemists, its in a blue box in 2 different sizes.

[Edited on 26/01/2008]

I love the am-o-lin baby cream. It has calamine to stop the itch, almond oil to moisturise, zinc to act as a barrier and an a compound which has analgesic properties.

I also find it works wonders on my DD's small patches of dermititis on her thighs.

Joanne, WA, DD 22.05.06 & DS 04.10.07

I find Sudocream (sp?) works excellent for my DD. Her nappy rash (when she gets it, which isn't a lot) clears up within a few hours.

I'm currently using Nappy Goo which is just as effective in clearing up bum rash. It's different in consistency from Sudocream in that Sudocream is very thick and pasty while Nappy Goo is very creamy and wipes off easier but, again, they both do the job.

Nappy Goo has a nice eucalyptus smell to it, which I found strong at first but I now enjoy the smell.
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