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My 3.5month old has suddenly decided that he hates the bath and that he will scream all through his bath and also getting dressed afterwards. He used to love his bath and this has only started in the last couple of weeks. We have tried toys and games but to no avail. Does anyone have any ideas or share the same problem??? Starting to drive me round the bend!!!!
Has something happened to scare him? ie water over his face, change to a big bath etc. Maybe try bathing him every other day for a while to save yourself the screams or take him into the shower/bath with you (or his Daddy).
What time of the day do you bath bub? Could it be that he is tired or hungry? Try bathing just after a feed so he is more relaxed, maybe play some soft music, doublecheck the temp of the water, maybe too cold?
Also at this age my boy would get very cranky when I tried to dress him after a bath, I think the whole process was very tiring for him so I would just let him have some nudey time and a play for a while afterwards before trying to dress him.
[Edited on 26/11/2007]

Maybe you could try showers for a change see if this makes a difference? Our son hated baths as a newborn but loved showers (maybe cos he is held close in there as opposed to a bath?) but then decided he loves them both and still does. He does however HATE being dried and dressed afterwards and has for a while - no getting around that tho just gotta try and get it over and done with quickly!

Omg me too!!! Our son was so happy in the bath and now gets in and 2 mins later starts screaming and we can't get him to stop! He has been in the big bath for about a month in one of those support seat things and used to love kicking and splashing around but now just lays there until the screaming starts. Yesterday we tried him in the shower with Daddy and he loved it! I think ours had to do with the fact that he now hates a nap late in the afternoon and stays up till dad gets home around 5:30 then straight into the bath. We'll see how he goes tonight...

My DD did that but a bit younger. She would scream her head off as soon as her toes touched the water (Happens with the pools too) I got so fed up with it. I'd tried different times of day, warmer water, colder water, toys, skipping a couple of days (she didn't really get dirty very much) In the end I got DH to hand her to me as I showered adn then he took her out after a while. SHE LOVES IT. She leans back to put herself into the running water. SHe loves blowing raspberries through the running water. It was such a relief.

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